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Karen Wilson

Welcome to my little world where I share my thoughts, my feelings, my views and some stories about my family. I realized many years ago that I love writing and this place is my outlet when I carve away some time to share.


I think social media is the bee's knees. I met my husband on ICQ, which would totally be called social media if anyone used it anymore. 

The two boys in my life are frequent guest stars around here.

My husband, Matt, is quite possibly the best guy in the world. He's got his faults, but I'm convinced he'd do just about anything for me and our little boy. My son, Brandon, is the best thing that's happened to Matt and me. He's got the sweetest personality and we adore him. We found out in late 2012 that he has autism (PDD-NOS). Autism may come up a fair bit around here, and I hope what I share helps others.

I am a communications professional with extensive experience in content strategy and creation, writing, training, and speaking - especially on topics related to social media. I've been working in various marketing and communications roles for over 15 years - from not-for-profits to government to small business. I'm also a proud member and current President (2015-16/2016-17) of the Women’s Business Network of Canada (WBN). The WBN is a wonderful network for any professional or entrepreneur that wants to join a community for support and professional growth tailored to the unique needs of women in business today. 

As a mother of a beautiful, smart, funny, fabulous little boy who has also been identified as autistic, I am passionate about helping QuickStart Autism, a local Ottawa charity dedicated to ensuring that every child gets early identification and intervention. I also serve on the board for Ausome Ottawa, a charity started in 2015 that provides sports activities for children on the autism spectrum.


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