Florida Dreamin’

Every once in a blue moon, I have this pretty detailed fantasy where I move back to my hometown, Tallahassee, Florida – a city that, despite being the capital of the state is occasionally NOT on the map. Of course, Brandon and Matt go with me. We’d sell our house here in Ottawa and buy a nice place in Tally – perhaps off North Monroe to be sort of close to family, but maybe we’d try some of the southeast areas of the city that are newer or just find where the best schools are. Of course, we might end up a pretty fair distance from my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nieces, but that’s Tallahassee distance, which isn’t that far.

I’d get a job with the State; because I know all the official languages (English) and I have worked for the state in the past. It was a good place to work when I was there before, so I’d definitely work there again. I always just assume Matt would work for the city, but maybe he should work for the State, too.

I’d look forward to living in a town where I know all the areas – like Frenchtown, Killearn, the Fairgrounds, all of the general school districts. I’d know some of the history of the town that’s relevant to me personally, like how the Shoney’s Inn at Highway 27 and I-10 is built on the land where my Grandmother’s house stood for over 40 years – the house where my Dad grew up. That Grandma’s house was actually moved to a little neighborhood off of Fred George Road instead of being torn down when she sold it and the land in the early 1980s.

We could go biking down St. Marks trail, take Brandon to San Luis Mission, visit Myers Park to play on the playground or go swimming, go watch the fireworks at Tom Brown, teach Brandon why Godby is better than Leon. He could get to be in marching band! The perks of moving south are really endless and I haven’t even started with how you don’t have to shovel snow. Ever.

I love the thought of going back and knowing all the back roads and how to get around quickest without ever having to consult a map. With family so close, I would never have to worry about needing help – that’s what families do for each other. I’d get to help my family in return, too! Getting to see my family regularly and get to know my sister-in-law and nieces better would be a dream come true.

Of course, my older brother is in Tennessee, but we’d even be a lot closer to him – it’s only a 9-hour drive to from Tally instead of a 16-hour drive from Ottawa. Plus, we could probably arrange family trips to meet up in Atlanta and be tourists for a few days. And Disney’s only a short 4-hour drive southeast.

All of this coming up now proves that two years of not seeing my family is too long and that this week has been really lonely for me. Matt’s sick, I’m sick and it’s not been easy to cope with everything we need to do for ourselves and Brandon – and also prevent Brandon from getting sick. We’ve managed to get through so far, thankfully, but I can honestly say I’ve not felt so alone in a really long time.