Sleep is so overrated

This week has been one of those that I would have happily skipped in life. Too many unexpected things coming up at the same time as hard deadlines - neither of the two were related either. I try to be pretty flexible, in general, but when I’m down to the wire I start to go pretty rigid. So, needless to say I’m pretty stressed. It’s the perfect opportunity for some good ole comfort eatin’. Fortunately, there’s been no time.

My house is driving me crazy. I know that when you have children, it’s inevitable that the standard for cleanliness changes to a certain extent. I just never have seen it when I’ve visited my friends’ houses. So, when I look at how cluttered my house is - compared to its pre-baby state - I have nightmares about 18+ years of this. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a reach. I’m just looking forward to when Matt goes back to work so we can hire a cleaner to come and do some of the heavy cleaning tasks that we just don’t have time to do anymore.

We bought this house, which is only a little over 2,300 sq. ft., almost two years ago. I remember saying to Matt that we should look into getting a cleaning service to help us so that we didn’t end up working all week and then cleaning all weekend. He totally shot that down because we’ve always been able to clean our apartments within a few hours top to bottom. But this is more than twice the space AND has twice the number of bathrooms. And two of the bathrooms have huge tubs with two sinks. Wouldn’t you want a service, too? After Brandon came along, he decided he agreed with me.

Let’s talk about Brandon. We took him to the doctor for his 10-month check up yesterday and it was too funny. Every time his doctor shined a light in his eyes, or on his face, he’d get this huge smile on his face. He’s such a happy, happy baby! He’s also a big guy - in over the 97th percentile for height and weight. He’s over 31 inches long. That’s almost a foot longer than he was when he was born. And he weighs almost 2.5 times as much as he did at birth - 25.5lbs. I love my little guy so much. He’s so easygoing and laid-back that I feel bad when I have friends who struggle with their kids. I mean, I’ve hardly ever felt very sleep-deprived since his birth - he’s always been a good sleeper at night.

It’s too bad I’m not as good a sleeper as the baby - then I wouldn’t be up writing this right now…c’est la vie. Who needs sleep?