My big kid needs clothes, too!

Okay, so I’m kind of frustrated with buying clothes for Brandon. Actually, I’ve always been frustrated with it - seriously, why are baby clothes such a hassle? Especially for boys. I’ve got two beefs, though. One has to do with the sizes available. I got so excited last fall when I heard that Carters opened up here in Ottawa and I made the (long) trip across town to check out the store, specifically because I wanted to get sleepers. Now, I went when Brandon was 8 months old, but I needed 12 months sleepers, because he’s very advanced for his age. The store had absolutely nothing over the 9 months size. I waited about a month and went back - nothing. I give up now. Going across town is just not worth it - yes, even for Carters.

Yesterday, we went to Old Navy to find him a few things and once again, I run into the problem of finding clothes for a child that are bigger than 12 months. It makes me want to pull my hair out. What do clothing manufacturers think? The baby stops growing when they get to the 6 months size and then BAM, they’re 2T suddenly? Hello! I’m quite certain there are lots of babies who need these larger sized clothes and yet all I can ever find in the stores is 9 months and under.

My other beef about baby clothes is the prominent and abundant display of girls’ clothing. There are tons of styles, fabrics, patterns to choose from. For boys, they mass produce a bunch of different colours of the same exact thing and throw it on the side shelves out of the way of the girls’ things. I’ll admit, I can see why making an abundance of styles for boys can be challenging, but I think children’s clothing designers need a serious dose of creativity. I’ve picked through stores to fine one or two little items that are both cute and a good price and I think Brandon’s a well-dressed little man for it. But I have to deal with crap like going into The Children’s Place and finding that everything in his size is based on one theme. I can’t remember what it was, but I haven’t been back, because I wasn’t interested and didn’t think it was at all cute. Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten some really cute stuff from there as gifts from friends - I just wish I knew where they found this stuff, because I sure can’t find it!

Oh well, at least I know the selection gets better. I can always drive to Syracuse and buy clothes in the States - the selection is far better down there anyway.