Loose pants, email and a new haircut

Today was such a good day. I got dressed in one of my favourite, really comfy pairs of corduroys - perfect for wintery days - and they were loose on me. I just got them a few weeks ago a size smaller than usual and they were just a teeny bit tight. Now, they’ve gotten loose enough they’re dragging on the ground. Oh, the horror! :>)

When I checked my email at work first thing, I had received one from my boss that was a great little “pat on the back” note. What a great way to start the day!

For the first time ever, I decided to go to the salon at lunch and get a haircut - the first I’ve had since a disaster cut last July. It’s a good cut, too. That pretty much made my day, not to mention that it’s pretty amusing to see people do double-takes when you look so different in the afternoon from the morning.

The only thing that might have made today better would be a new episode of The Office.