I don't know what I'd do without my friends

I recently joined a book club. Our leader says, “The first rule of book club is you don’t talk about books.” And we don’t. I even brought a book one week and all we talked about was related topics, but very little was discussed about the book. Why do we call it a book club? Well, the intent was to actually have a book club in some form or another, but we realized that we just enjoyed getting together and chatting so much that we didn’t care about the book part. The categorization of our gatherings just never has changed and now it’s become a bit of a joke to discuss what we’re going to do next at “book club”.

The great thing about this group of women is that it’s so inclusive - you come as you are, when you can, if you can; no expectations. The only one I really knew when we started meeting together was the Stalker of the group (*wink*). Since then, I’ve been getting reacquainted with her and getting to know the others in our group as well! They are all wonderful women to know.

Thanks to Stalker :) asking me to join in, I was able to connect with Talker, who runs a daycare and is amazing with children. She had an opening right when I needed to get my son into daycare and he started today.

There is nothing in this world that is more peaceful than knowing you can trust and rely upon the person you hand your child to for care. I spent the day doing projects around the house and wondering from time to time how Brandon was doing. I missed him, but I wasn’t worried about him. When we picked him up at the end of the day, it was clear he’d had a good day away from us.

I like to work, but now that I’ve got my son, I am torn between wanting to be home with him and needing to go to work. Being able to leave Brandon with Tracy makes it so much easier to make the choice to go to work. I’m really, truly blessed.