To gift or not to gift

Today Matt and I got an email saying that we can expect to get an invitation to a wedding that is to take place this coming August. This is a family wedding, but neither of us even know the family members’ names, nor would we recognize them if we saw them out in public somewhere. I don’t think they would recognize us either. So, I have absolutely no idea why we’re getting an invitation.

Or is this just a ploy to get a gift? Not knowing them, I can’t make a judgment, but I suspect that could be part of it since wedding etiquette says you’re supposed to send a gift if you’re invited, even if you don’t attend the wedding. So, do we give them a gift? I think there should be further wedding etiquette that you have to know what someone looks like if you’re going to invite them to a wedding.

Matt and I had a quick chat about what we’re going to do and we decided we’re going to do nothing. The invite will come and we’re not going to go to the wedding, nor will we send a gift. It won’t mean a thing to them if we did. My personal feeling is that when I had my wedding, it was a special event where people that I knew or who were very close to mine or Matt’s immediate family came to gather. It was a fabulous time and I’m very glad that I didn’t invite people just to bulk up the numbers. The things we received from our friends and family still mean something to both of us - especially when I look at or use those things and remember our special day.