I used to be a huge star in my backyard

I was just giving Brandon his bottle before bed and telling him stories about when I was a child and I remembered my years of being a prodigious child star. Here's how it happened:

When I was somewhere around the age of 8 to 10, my dad decided to cut down a couple of trees in our yard. I don't remember why they needed to be cut down, but my brothers and I quite enjoyed the stumps that were leftover. To be completely honest, I'm probably the one who enjoyed those stumps the most. They were the perfect stage for me to launch my budding singing career. I stood up on the stump and sang my heart out for my little brother, the trees, birds and bugs - and now, I realize, the neighbors as well.

Our poor neighbors got to listen to my stirring renditions of any Whitney Houston hit that was current on the radio. For a long time, a favorite song was "Somewhere Out There" from the movie, An American Tail. This was my little brother's favorite movie and I'd say it was probably my favorite as well from back then. We both knew every song from the soundtrack and I'm fairly certain I added a couple of them to my backyard stump concert repertoire. Can't you just imagine the lineup? The Greatest Love of All followed by There Are No Cats in America. I was a musical genius, in my most humble opinion.

Being a kid during those years was fun; I was rather sheltered and had a vivid imagination and naivety about the world. Though I know it won't be the same for him, I hope that Brandon has a childhood full of fun play times and imagination-fueled adventures and loads of songs on the soundtrack (i.e., iPod) of his youth.