The path I'm on for now

I came to Ottawa for the first time in May of 1998. Since I flew in from the United States, I went through the international arrivals area and customs. Back then, before Ottawa did its extensive Airport overhaul, international arrivals went down a set of stairs from the plane onto the tarmac and then into this hallway that was similar to the gates that extend out to plane loading doors. There were a couple of differences, though: 1) the hallway did NOT connect to the plane at all - which was a drag in bad weather (hello, Ottawa? snow?) and 2) it seemed to go on for MILES (it didn't, but when you're that close to the final destination, it felt like it)!

This hallway was almost all uphill and it felt very temporary - kind of like walking in a mobile home where the floor sounds hollow underneath (I guess because floors in mobile homes are hollow underneath). It left travelers with the feeling that you weren't going to make it to customs because this hallway was never going to end or you might fall through the floor.

It's been over three years since I walked that international arrivals hallway (the updated version) at the Ottawa airport, but it occurred to me tonight that my job search is very similar. It's a long, uphill battle and I just keep hoping that the floor isn't going to fall out from under me. I want to somehow manage to hold everything together until I find a job so that we don't have to make a major change - like selling our house. There is a small part of me that doesn't even care if I find the "right" job, but if I don't then I'll inevitably end up walking this path again sooner than later.