Part 2: Don't you just love a happy ending!? I know I do!

To get the full story, read Part 1 here.

Well, I'm happy to say that the Canpar guy dropped by my house today with a box containing Brandon's replacement shoes. Yippee!

They were actually supposed to be delivered by July 15th, but there was a mix up and they didn't get shipped out at all. They'd originally planned to send the shoes using the slowest shipping service. When it became clear that they were going to be over a week past the promised date, they expedited the shipping time to two days.

I really appreciate the effort that the Robeez consumer relations representative put forth to ensure we got the replacement pair, even if it didn't happen in as timely a manner as she'd hoped for. I also appreciate Robeez making the whole situation right when the original retailer, Boomerang Kids, refused to exchange or refund the shoes. (I probably won't buy Robeez from this particular retailer again, though I don't mind buying other things from them! It's definitely a good idea to make sure the retailers selling Robeez will return defective shoes; I was assured by Stride Rite that they can without penalty.)

There were some hiccups along the way to getting this resolved, but I'm ultimately a satisfied customer - and I have bought Brandon another pair of Robeez shoes recently. So, I'm going to be a repeat customer as well.