"It's Just Another Manic Monday"

This morning started out pretty much the same as every other weekday morning. Matt got up first and started with his morning routine and then Brandon and I woke right about the same time. I got my shower while Matt was feeding/dressing Brandon. Usually, this all goes like clockwork, but not today.

As Matt was trying to take Brandon's onesie off, the child did some crazy lunge and ended up with a "pulled elbow" and we had to take a trip to the hospital. (We did not know what was wrong before we left, but it is apparently a very common injury in children his age.) I hadn't had a chance to dry my hair or anything else, so my look somewhat resembled that of a drowned rat. No, I did not care, but it does give you an idea of how quickly all this went down.

I dropped everything and started packing anything we might need, fully expecting to be waiting for hours and hoping we wouldn't! We had bottles, food, diapers, change of clothes, toys, more food, etc. I walked into the emergency room with three bags - we could have moved in for a couple of days, which is kind of what it feels like when you have to wait for any extended time in those places. Of course, I was imagining the worst-case scenarios: they'd call CAS reps and accuse us of abuse, he had something broken and how do you deal with that in a 15-month-old - you name it, I was probably thinking it or about to when they called us back for treatment.

Here's what actually happened:

We were in the waiting room for about an hour and a half - alone. There was not one single other person in there with us the entire time. I truly was wondering why it took so long, given that we were alone. Though I know that there is a logical reason for our wait; I'm sure they were busy overnight and were likely working on the last of a rush. We were told to go to another waiting area where we sat for less than 5 minutes before the doctor came around. She was a very nice woman who asked a few questions while looking at Brandon's arm for about 1 minute and then she stood up and said, "It's all fixed."

I wish I had a picture of our faces - we honestly didn't even know she'd done anything more than examine Brandon. He cried, because it is painful to have your elbow popped back into joint, but it didn't last long at all. It helped that he was busy with a bottle at the time. Less than 5 minutes after we went back to have Brandon treated, we were outta there. We left for the hospital at 6:30 and I dropped Matt off at work before 9:00. Not too shabby a turnaround for a trip to the emergency room. Now, Brandon's doing fine and back to his usual self and Matt and I are sort of exhausted from the stress of the morning! :)