A busy weekend, including Brandon's first swim!

The weekend started for me on Friday, when I was frantically trying to get laundry and a bit of cleaning done while Matt was at work and Brandon at daycare. Friday was a very productive day and I got enough done that I was in good shape for the weekend. Matt and I are trying to achieve a higher standard of cleanliness as Brandon gets older and his increasing independence allows us to do more. We've never been terribly upset that we couldn't keep as neat a house as we were used to since his birth, but we did kinda miss it. (I love this picture; Brandon's favorite stuffed animal is this dog that we call "Dog" - yes, I know, so original.)

Saturday, we did get a lot of cleaning done, in between a couple of leisure times that weren't long enough. Brandon seems to have gotten over his fear of the vacuum cleaner now and is, in fact, quite fascinated by it. For a while, I had to take him out whenever Matt wanted to vacuum; now I can't tear him away from watching.

After spending most of Saturday doing chores around the house, we looked forward to Sunday being less about work and more about fun. It was a fabulously busy day. We started out with a visit from Matt's parents, who came up from Cornwall for a dose of Brandon. Unfortunately, he decided to sleep two and a half hours of their visit away, so mostly they just got a dose of Matt and Karen.

We started out with brunch, including Baker Boys' Maple Rolls - they make cinnamon rolls, too, that are really best left as a once-a-year treat, otherwise they might become a full-fledged addiction! (That much yumminess is surely not very good for regular consumption.)

After we finished eating, we checked out the new pin-striping on Colleen's (my mother-in-law) car. Personally, I can't understand the appeal of pin-striping, but she loves it and that's all that matters! She has a little Chevy Aveo, which suits her quite perfectly, but it was pretty funny when Matt walked out and said that her car looks SO FAST now with the pin-striping. He wanted to know when she was going to put on flames. Ha ha...that was a funny mental image!

When Brandon finally woke up, he was being quite shy and snuggly - as usual. Matt played with him and got him warmed up to being around his grandparents. He broke out some food to let Grandma Wilson try to help feed him, though he was very reticent. He's just not used to being around them yet. We'll have to try to get down to see them more often once I get a job.

Brandon showed off his mad puzzle skills for Grandma and Grandpa, too. This is one of his favorite activities lately and he's surprised me with how quickly he's figured them out. I have no idea whether his ability to complete a puzzle (he dumps the pieces and then can put each and every one back in the correct spot) is advanced, normal or slow, but he loves it. Thank you, Walmart for having cheap ones that I can afford to buy!

Once Grandma and Grandpa Wilson got on the road to go back to Cornwall, we hurried to pack our swimming gear and get ourselves off to the Bedfords' across town in Orleans. We always have a good time at Warren and Brandy's house. They have two girls - Emily (14) and Sophie (8) - who both seem to enjoy playing with Brandon. If they lived closer, Emily would love to babysit him now that she's completed her babysitting course. They are always trying to convince us to move out to Orleans - usually next door to them, but we're definitely West-enders and have no plans to change that.

As soon as Brandon saw the pool, he was hooked. He kept trying to touch the water from the side with his hands and even tried to put his foot in, at which point we decided it was time to get him dressed to go in. He's too determined not to have him in a suit that's safe! He was so cute in his new swimsuit. I thought he'd hate it, but he actually quite enjoyed it. The shorts were a more like pants on him, but the material was so light, it didn't matter in the water.

He was timid when Matt first went in the water with him, but he warmed up to it eventually. We're going to pick up a toy or two to leave at the Bedfords' for him - it is clearance sale time for water toys, after all! I'm sure we'll go at least once more before it gets too cold to swim. Knowing how much Brandon enjoys it, I couldn't pass that up! He figured out the toys pretty quickly and then got into splashing, which was already a bath time habit. The pool wore him out, especially since he stayed in for nearly an hour. What a trooper he was all day long; he’s such a fun kid!

Here’s a really short video of Brandon in the pool (he loved the turtle):

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