Chats with Matt Episode 3: Pills

Matt and the 35lb. pill. You can tell by the look on Matt’s face that he’s up to something.Last weekend, I was “sleeping in” (read: laying in bed reading, because I don’t sleep in) and also nursing a migraine. Migraines have been the bane of my existence for the past three to four months and the last few weeks they’ve increased in frequency and severity. 

Good times, right?

So, I had a bit of time to myself and decided to take my pill and lay down rather than getting up to do anything.

Matt came in at one point and saw that I was awake, so of course he started doing his best to make me want him to leave. (He’s really good at that and takes pride in it, too.) He was supposed to be hanging out with Brandon, but who knows what trouble the child was getting into.

I said something to the effect that he should be nice to me since I wasn’t feeling well.

His face lit with a big grin as he replied, “I’ve got a 35lb. pill I can bring in here to make you feel better.”