The simple pleasure of time spent with family

The last couple of months have been busy but fun. We had the pleasure of getting an early spring here in Ottawa this year, so we've been outside a lot. Brandon's interacting with us more and more, making his wishes known. We get to watch how he exerts his independence, but generally he's been an easy child. These are some of the pictures of what we've been doing the last couple months and they make me smile.

Brandon's growing up - and now he has a big boy bed to prove it. His transition into the new bed was about as smooth as they go. After one week, he was back to his crib days sleep routine and habits. I love that my boy is a good sleeper!

This bed is a very basic MaxTrix bed. We were so impressed with the quality and love the versatility of the system!

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours brought over a water table they no longer needed for Brandon to have. He already knew how much fun a water table is because he gets to play with the one at daycare, but now he has one at home too!

The same day we got the water table, we set it up for Brandon to try out. He got quite wet, so we had an impromptu picnic dinner!And then this happened! That diaper was one very full diaper after his play time!

Today I was on a walk with Brandon in the heat and bribed him with the water table if he'd just get in his wagon so we could go home. It worked!And then he did it again! I gotta remember to put some swimmers by the door for impromptu water table play!Of course, when Matt got home, the water table play turned into much more, i.e., Brandon's first outdoor shower.

Not too long ago, we were all sitting at the breakfast room table while Brandon had his dinner and this spray bottle appeared. It's just water, but it was pretty funny watching how Brandon reacted to it!

He kept spraying himself in the face and he'd cringe and make these awful face as he cracked up laughing. The child soaked his hair, his face and a chunk of his shirt in just minutes. He was not happy when we took the spray bottle away!

Matt and I recently took a week off to do housework and other projects around the house that we don't have time to do when Brandon's around. Matt used the bulk of his time off to work on our front fence and gate. We wanted to do something unique - here's the result so far:

The only thing left to do is the arbor and perhaps some landscaping around it. The rest of our yard is pretty plain!

Up until the last couple months, Brandon screamed bloody murder whenever it was bath time. Thankfully, his second birthday brought about a change in his attitude - he LOVES bath time! Mostly, I think he just likes to splash all the water out of the tub, but we'll go with it if it means that we can get him clean through the summer months!

Bath time is fun again!

Last weekend, I was at the store and saw some beautiful Gerber daisies. Daisies are my favorite flower and these were pretty much perfect. I brought them home, dropped the groceries on the counter and took out the flowers to cut and arrange. It didn't take too long - the ice cream wasn't totally melted when I finally got it put away!

Aren't they gorgeous? I think I took about 30 pictures!Theta was mesmerized. He's not allowed on the table, but he braved it to get close to those flowers. It was so cute, I couldn't resist taking a picture before shooing him away!The next day, Brandon saw the flowers for the first time. He kept pointing, saying "fower", so I gave him one. He treated it so gently. I'll have to get flowers more often for the house. They seem to make everyone smile.

Yesterday, we ended up inadvertently attending WestFest because we were down in Westboro running an errand. We figured since we were there and they had hot dog vendors and it was dinnertime - why not? There's something about hot dogs from a street vendor or chip wagon. They taste so much better than if I made them at home!

Brandon's first hot dog! He had bites while he cleaned out my purse and his diaper bag in the bag of our truck. Wasn't that nice of him?

Today we went to visit friends who've got a 2-week old little girl. While we were chatting, Brandon fell asleep in my arms. I was stunned. It was only 10:30ish in the morning! He hasn't taken a morning nap in nearly a year. He woke up about half an hour later in a much better mood. (For the record, I was also stunned that he took almost a 3 hour nap in the afternoon anyway - he was a tired monkey!)

Our friends have a dog and Brandon loves playing in his crate. Fortunately, the dog doesn't mind him being in there!

It's been fun the last couple of months - I'm looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring!