Wordless Wednesday: The Path

Several weeks ago, Matt and I took Brandon on a walk in one of the local parks with bike/running paths. It was a beautiful day:

I posted the picture below on Facebook and one of my friends commented on the symbolism of the path. That wasn't my intent when I quickly tried to get a picture with my phone, but the more I look at it, the more I love this picture.

Matt and I kept a watchful eye as we were walking to ensure that Brandon stayed away from any plants with "leaves of three" and to keep him from trying to eat whatever he found in his explorations - rocks, leaves, berries, etc. Our role on this portion of his life path is to be both protector and teacher. Brandon forces us to take time out to enjoy the little things.

Life is the greatest path we'll ever follow with the potential to meet a variety of interesting people and things along the way. We can take time out to enjoy the encounters that come up or rush to get past.

Personally, I am blessed to have a wonderful husband to share the path with and a son I get to watch as he navigates his own path.