Posts that inspired me this week

I've been blogging for well over a year now, though not always regularly. I actually went several months where I only managed to pound out one post in a whole month. When I started blogging, I was trying it on, seeing if it would fit. I didn't really have a purpose or direction. I didn't even know if I'd stay interested or be any good at it. I'm still interested; whether I'm good or not is all relative anyway so I'm not going to dwell on it. ;)

When I did my first few posts, I put them out there into the ether and waited to see what would happen - without any expectations. The only "promotion" I did was to put my blog address in my Facebook profile. To my knowledge, only one of my friends even noticed it. She became my first follower, which was pretty thrilling. And she told others, which started to get a little scary for me. People knew what I was doing and those people had names and faces and knew me personally and I was a little scared of what they would think. 

It turned out that it was okay. So far, I haven't had anyone run screaming away from me because of bad writing (or perhaps they're too kind to tell me). I've taken that as a positive indication that if I keep practicing at this, perhaps one day I'll be sort of okay at it.

All this time, I've known about the blogging community - especially other mom bloggers - and I've gazed at the activity in this community from the fringes via Twitter and a few blogger community sites. But lately, I've had a strong desire to get more involved, to join in with the conversation actively instead of being a passive observer. Not because I feel I have something vital to contribute to the members, but because I want to learn from these amazing women. I follow a number of blogs (some of them are listed on my links page) and I get inspired - to feel, to laugh, to write, to be a better writer, to be a better mother, to be a better person, to stop whining...the list goes on.

For the past week or so I've been contemplating the possibility of doing a weekly wrap-up of posts that really touched me and I decided to go for it. This is just one small way to start giving back to this community that I've received so much from simply by hanging out on the fringes. Enjoy!

  • 6  year old bullies - BORED Mommy
    This post inspired anger at the boys and their parents, sympathy and regret for a mom and her son and hope that the situation will improve. I'm also starting to think about how I will handle such a situation should it ever occur with my son. How can you not think that way? But how sad is it that we have to?
  • Wake up call of the day - Drama for Mama
    This is such a beautiful post. It made me smile at the same time as I was dabbing my eyes to prevent embarrassing myself by crying in public. 
  • Do Ducks Have Penises? - Crunchy Carpets
    This one inspired me to be thankful that my son is still only spitting out 2-word phrases, but I laughed - it's a funny story.
  • Appetite - Coffees and Commutes
    Short post that encompasses how I've felt for several weeks now.  I'm on a roll and I think I like it!
  • How life changes - A little perspective
    My IRL friend, Amanda, just started a blog and this is a post she wrote this week about the evolution of friendship throughout life. Personally, I've had many different seasons of friendships and few have lasted through them all. I'm grateful for those relationships, but I'm glad to have new ones come along too - like Amanda and the rest of the Book Club gang.

 Have a great weekend!