Fresh from the Cabbage Patch - Morgana Bonnie

Do you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids frenzy from the 1980s? I do. If I remember correctly, I didn't tend to ask my parents for every great new toy that came out. I'm not sure if I even knew what was popular (or not popular). But when Cabbage Patch dolls came on the scene, I wanted one. I'm sure I let my mom know on a pretty regular basis just how much I wanted one. 

One day in May 1985, Mom was away for a few hours running errands and she left us with my dad. When she got home, she yelled across the yard asking my older brother to bring her a paper grocery bag. Before he even had a chance to respond, I was off running to get the bag for her. I ran back to the trunk of the car with the bag Mom requested.

This is what the packaging looked like back in my day. There was no mistaking this for another toy!My memories of what followed still make me smile today. I handed my mom the grocery bag and then glanced in the trunk to find that distinctive, unmistakable yellow and green box containing a Cabbage Patch Kid. There was no doubt in my 7-year-old mind that that doll was mine - all mine. My mom, though she was probably disappointed that my biggest birthday surprise was ruined two months in advance, got a big smile on her face as she saw my excitement building. She handed me the box, which I took and none too gingerly ran screaming into the house, "I got a Cabbage Patch Kid! I got a Cabbage Patch Kid!"

I don't remember actually opening the box, but I vaguely remember looking at my doll's birth certificate. I was disappointed that her name was Morgana Bonnie; could they find an uglier name? (She was adorable - she deserved better.) Morgana BonnieMy mom offered to contact the Babyland General Hospital to have her name changed, but I never told her to go ahead with it. I guess after a while the name grew on me and I never renamed her. Morgana Bonnie was without a doubt my favorite toy growing up. I remember playing with her more than any other toy. My little brother even decided he wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll, so my mom got him a little boy named Billy who was bald with blue eyes. My brother and I would play with our dolls together all the time. My mom truly got her money's worth from that gift.

Perhaps one day my child will want to play with her, too.

Do you remember your favorite toy as a child? What was it?