Posts that made me smile - or laugh - this past week

I'm a day or two late getting to this, but here's my weekly list. I switched it up this week. It was a rough week for me in some ways, so I wanted to look for those things that would cheer me up. Here they are:

  • i said intentional, dammit - Momalom
    Anyone who knows me won't be surprised that the second picture gave me a big grin, and possibly a teeny, tiny case of phone envy, but I'm still quite happy with mine.
  • A Free-Range Bundle of Joy! - Free Range Kids
    I love the way of thinking that Lenore promotes on her blog and this new mom seems to be fully embracing it - with her one-month old. It's a very cute note about steps she's taking to let her one-month old son live a free-range life. 
  • Letters I Will Never Send - BORED Mommy
    Who doesn't have something to say to someone in their recent (or even distant) past that you'll probably never make the effort to say? We aren't talking earth-shattering revelations here. This one fits the theme of making me smile (perhaps even laugh). 
  • Splish Splash... - Trains, Tutus and Tea Time
    I love seeing kids enjoying things. Even if it's as basic as an impromptu water party. So cute!
  • Keepin' It All Cool - XUP
    Part of me wishes I worked for the Federal Government so I could have this kind of material to work with for my blog as well.

Have a great week everyone!!