Birth Day Thoughts

My older brother holding me. I think I look pretty relaxed!Thirty-three years ago today, I made my grand entrance in the world. In the days leading up to my birthday this year, I've been thinking about the day of my birth. How did the day go? Was it fast? Slow? How long before I was born did my parents go to the hospital? Who stayed with my six-year-old brother? How did he react when he found out about me?

I wonder what my mom's thoughts were leading up to my birth. Was I early? Late? On time? Was mom excited about having a new baby? Or nervous about how my brother would respond to me? Did she have a feeling about whether I would be a boy or girl?

Me and Dad. This was perhaps one of my first times hearing about how I was late. I suspect I didn't agree with Dad's assessment of the situation.It's become a bit of a Dad-tradition (at least for my birthday) that my dad will tell me that I was born six days late. If only I had cooperated and come on July 7th, then my birthday could have been 7/7/77.

I know a few pertinent stats about my birth, such as the city and hospital I was born in. I know that I blessed my mom and dad with my glorious presence :) at 6:08pm. It was a Wednesday. I weighed over 9lbs and exceeded both of my brothers' birth weights, though we didn't know about my little brother yet - thankfully that trend (me exceeding their weight) did not last.

My dad didn't go into the delivery room - he believes to this day that a man's place is in the waiting room. For reasons I will refrain from sharing here, this is a good thing in his case. My mom certainly never complained about it - at least, not to my knowledge.

Me and mom - the ladies of the house.Mom believed in natural birth. She gave birth to all three of us without drugs and then breastfed all of us. She spoke about both so passionately that I've always wanted to follow in her footsteps, despite my extreme aptitude for wimpiness. I wonder if she ever had moments she wanted to change her mind. Was she ever tempted to use pain management?

Would she do things differently if she had it to do all over again? What would she change?

It's too bad I never thought to ask Mom some of these questions while she was still alive. I'd love to be able to compare her birth story (of me) to my own experiences when Brandon was born.

And I'd have to brag that I had the biggest baby, of course (mine was 10.5lbs). :)