What a great birthday - it was totally worth turning 33!

Isn't that a cute little cake? I said I wanted small. No need for leftovers!I woke up yesterday morning with bleary eyes, wishing I could have "just ten more minutes, hon" and dragged myself to the shower to do my usual morning routine. I sort of figured my husband would have the gift he bought for me the night before ready for me to open as soon as I was awake enough to see straight. When no gift materialized, I started to wonder if he'd fooled me into thinking he bought a gift on his trip, but actually arranged for a flower delivery at work. I would have been totally okay with that - there wasn't anything I wanted for my birthday this year and we are low-key people.

Work was pretty much the usual average day, except one of my co-workers - who is Chinese (and also an incredibly awesome person) - made an authentic homemade Chinese lunch for our supervisor and me just for my birthday. And it was so good! Okay, so she will totally read this, but I'm not kissing up to her. She knows I don't do that. ;)

Oh yeah, by lunch time - no flowers. So, I figured that wasn't the gift for me, but I knew that the thing I was getting was something I mentioned wanting 3-4 years ago. You don't know my husband, but if you did, you'd know how hard it is to get him to remember something 3-4 minutes ago. For him to remember me mentioning something 3-4 years ago just means that he probably no longer remembers the date of our wedding anniversary. No, his memory has gotten way better - and it helps that he makes little notes in his Blackberry. I married a smart one. 

Balsamic pork tenderloin (grilled) and roasted potatoes. It was so good!Anyway, little did I know that around lunch time, Matt was leaving work for the day - to go home and make dinner for my birthday. He totally surprised me since he responds to my emails from work on his Blackberry anyway! We got home and there was a Balsamic Pork Tenderloin that he grilled - in the crazy rainstorm Ottawa got in the afternoon. He also roasted potatoes to go with it - delicious!



From La Provence...it was fantastic!Matt also went out and bought a cake at the last minute because I told him I wanted one. We almost never buy birthday cakes for ourselves, but I decided I wanted one - chocolate please - and he delivered! 

"Tipas!" That's pizza in Brandon-speak. We didn't think he'd go for the food we were having!

My birthday present - yep, this is something I've wanted for years!When Matt said that he was going to get me something I've been wanting for 3-4 years, this was the one item that came to mind: a cordless clothes iron. I know some will look at this and think it's not a very interesting present, but I am totally stoked! A) Matt remembered - I say I want one roughly every 6-12 months - not to hint or nag, but just because I happen to think about it. It's a thoughtful gift. B) I will use this and as long as it works like it should, I'll enjoy using it. C) Matt knows that he's spent money wisely on something that (as long as it works like it should) won't just be returned for "something better".

I'm a practical person; I don't need big, expensive gifts (or any gift at all) to know my husband loves me. And I know this isn't him hinting at me to get the ironing done. He knows it will get done when it gets done and not a moment sooner.