Posts that inspired me this week

Last week, I had a hard time writing. I must have read about 150 blog posts, but I just couldn't write a thing. I don't know if it was because of the emotional significance of the week or if I just needed a little break. This week was filled with inspiring posts, and I barely know where to begin to narrow it down to five, but here goes:  

  • Parenting and Empowerment: Raising a person - sarahcasm
    I think I'm going to print this and keep it in a frame or somewhere that I will see it often as a reminder to always treat Brandon with respect, to recognize that he can and should be permitted to make choices for himself. I may not always let him follow through with his choices if they are dangerous, unhealthy or otherwise detrimental, but allowing his voice to be heard will certainly go a long way.
  • Commercials are bad for my mental health - Coffee with Julie
    Julie quite accurately points out the critical nature of commercials and the effect they can have on children over time. I'd venture to say that this goes for anything they watch since product placements and story lines are invariably linked together these days. 
  • No Junk Punches - Blogging Dangerously
    I could never be this candid about the intimate details of my marriage, but isn't it nice to read about couples with such a long-standing, open attraction for each other?
  • Calling People Nazis is Uncool -
    Amber's post made me think twice about the casual use of the word "nazi", even if it is deemed acceptable by some to use it in reference to someone who maintains rigid control over something. Perhaps "Nazi" is a word that is best left for use in the history books.
  • This is me, Opening a Childbirth Education Business - The Feminist Breeder
    The excitement is so infectious in this post. I've only started following Gina recently, but I'm excited for her and the women of Chicago that will be lucky enough to benefit from her services. 

 Have a wonderful weekend! (Happy Independence Day, America!)