Freedom (from words) Friday

This is my version of Wordless Wednesday on a Friday when I feel I have run out of words, though I’m not going totally wordless. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about taking my son to the Children’s Museum. We had a good time, but before I left that day, I’d decided I would take him again when he wasn’t as tired and try to help him discover more of the museum the second time around. Here are a few pictures of our second trip, which was an unqualified success by sheer virtue of the fact that we got past the bus!

This bus is really something. I wonder how long it takes to decorate them.

That’s my budding little bus driver!

Ummm…that sign totally says Pakistan. Yeah, I totally did not catch that the first time around. I don’t have a clue where I got Indian from (see first post).

What’s that? A MOTORCYCLE!? What happened to the bus? :-D

The van was pretty cute, but Brandon wanted to close that door and he just couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t budge.

Good job driving, Brandon!

My kid has no interest in steering the boat - he only wants to be on the phone. Perhaps he has a future in telecom.

I’m off with Brandon again at the end of August, so guess where we’ll probably end up visiting again!? Although, I do have some other great places in Ottawa I want to take him.

What are your favorite places to go with your children?