Ridiculously happy and oh, so thankful

I got on the bus yesterday afternoon to go home from work and there were no seats available. Normally, I’m okay with standing up for 40 minutes straight for the trip home, but my feet were kind of sore from my cute little sandals because I’d done quite a bit of walking throughout the day. So, I rang the bell, hopped off the bus and jumped onto the one two buses behind. I was greeted by the mild-mannered bus driver, air conditioning, a half-empty bus and glorious, wonderful silence.

Ah, bliss!

I tend to cocoon on the bus - i.e., turn on my headphones and escape into my iPhone to do whatever strikes my fancy - so noise doesn’t usually bother me. But yesterday’s ride was utterly peaceful. I practically forgot about my day at work by the time I arrived at the meeting place to join Matt and Brandon. There wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about the day - good or bad. It just was.

I was feeling good as I walked to the car and hopped in the backseat to hang out with my boy on the way home. Brandon looked up and smiled at me, “Mommy!” Then I say, “Brandon!” and we go back and forth a few rounds until he decides to move on. Today, he looked at me with shining, smiling (beautiful blue) eyes. He reached out for my hand and held it in his lap as he played with his noisy “music”-producing toy and I just watched him with a silly mommy grin on my face because he makes me so happy. 

Pure joy in a face that can make the darkest days bright again - just because he’s with Mommy.Brandon may never appreciate this unless and until he has children of his own, but that was one of the moments I live for as a parent. It’s one of the reasons I love having my little boy. Those sweet, special times when he’s babbling happily away, loving everything about his world make the difficult times worth it. Who know that a child’s simple touch accompanied by a brilliant smile could complete your day so perfectly?