I am (not so) slowly killing myself

The last few days on Twitter have been fun. I’ve been watching the ladies who were down in NYC at BlogHer 10 - living vicariously through the experience they are having as I go through my regular routine feeling just a wee bit green with envy. And then there’s been HomeHer10. If you’re a blogger and on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen this hashtag parody of the BlogHer conference that was started by this funny dad and here’s his explanation.

This morning, I joked that my roommates had left, but that I was cleaning and why was I cleaning? Well, because maid service at HomeHer10 has been less than satisfactory. Someone had to do it. So I did.

Okay, so it’s only mostly clean - still a few things to go through and reorganize. Progress is progress, right?I cleaned my bathroom, because I like cleaning my bathroom. I start with the gigantic tub that makes me want to hire a cleaning service. Then I move on to the sinks, toilet and last I do the shower. The thing about my shower is that it’s floor to ceiling tiles on 4 sides and the glass door is the 5th side. I don’t know how to clean it without doing it during my shower. (Suggestions are welcome. See picture below for reference.) So, I spray it down, let the cleaner do a pre-soak and then I jump in and begin to scrub away the accumulated gunk in the shower before I scrub the gunk off of me. It’s not ideal, but it works.

No, I do not clean all the way to the top of my shower. I’m far too vertically challenged.Today it worked, but I also began to feel my lungs burning, my eyes burning and when I got out and breathed in some fresh air, I got woozy. And I remembered why I avoid cleaning. Because I still have a cupboard shelf full of cleaners that are probably burning holes in my eyes and lungs as I use them to clean my house, no matter how much ventilation I have. (Yeah, we’ll go with that being the reason I don’t clean as much as I should.) 

Several months ago, a friend of mine wrote about making her own cleaners and I thought it was a great idea. I decided I would use up what I have and jump on that bandwagon. I’m still not through the cleaners I had then but I have decided I need to find an alternative that I can buy. Because I’m just too lazy not disciplined enough to research, make and experiment with making my own cleaners.

I’ve been wanting to switch for a long time, but I’ve been holding on to my usual ways for too long. I’ve had a number of recommendations from people on Twitter today, from buying eco-friendly, affordable cleaners at Canadian Tire to ordering from Melaleuca. I’m a little torn because I grew up in a house where we used Melaleuca (my mom was a sales rep) and I know the products work well and are non-toxic. But there are some concerns about possible greenwashing, so I’d like to know more about that before I commit. Melaleuca is pricey, but also very concentrated, so the price is generally fair from what I remember. Canadian Tire is 5 minutes from my house. Melaleuca is mail order. Lots of variables to consider.

Do you have bad reactions to the cleaners in the stores? Have you switched to non-toxic cleaners? Any favorites?