Chats with Matt Episode 1: Shoes

On the way home from work yesterday, we stopped to buy new tennis shoes for Brandon now that the weather is starting to cool off. We knew it was going to be a battle to get him to wear them, because he’s so attached to his sandals.

The shoe transition from season to season is almost worse than trying to get him into a snowsuit. And, unless by some miracle he happens to learn to adjust more easily, we’ll be going through this again in the spring when we try to get him to give up his snow boots. Every attempt we made to put those new shoes anywhere near his feet ended in screaming and crying fits, and we eventually gave up and just left the shoes on the floor. 


Later in the evening, Matt told me that Brandon tried to put his new shoes on.

Me: When?

Matt: When you were off doing whatever it was you were doing earlier - the bathroom or something.

Me: Oh, you mean when I left you all alone to raise him?

Matt: Yes.

Me: It’s hard raising a child on your own.

Matt: It is, but you know about that from all the times you’ve had to do it.

Me: No, I’ve always had help.

Matt: Really? Who?

Me: This awesome guy I know.

Matt: Now I know you’re cheating on me, because you sure aren’t talking about me.