Chats with Matt Episode 5: The Family Edition

Something that Matt and I are working very hard with Brandon on is instilling good manners. When he asks for something, he should say “please”. When he receives something, “thank you”, etc.

One of the biggest challenges in this with small children can be their whims. Sometimes it goes against their whim to ask politely or say thank you. For Brandon, we’ve been able to work through his phases of refusing to be polite fairly easily.

Another particularly frustrating challenge is that they learn quickly to associate asking “please” with an automatic “yes” from mommy or daddy. This is only ever a challenge when “no” is the answer.

The third challenge we’ve had is good ol’ communication as demonstrated by this recent exchange:

Brandon: More.

Matt: More what?

Brandon: More, please.

Matt & Karen: Please, please, please, please, please. (Poor kid. He’s got some smart ass parents.)

Matt: More what please.

Brandon: Aw-wight. (All right)

Karen: What do you want more of?

Brandon: Some more please. Ask please. (This is code for “I am asking nicely and remembering my manners so you should give me what I want.)

Matt: Brandon, you’re asking very nicely. Can you tell me what you want?

Brandon: Orng juice. More please.

Matt & Karen: Orange juice!

If only we could read his mind.