Chats with Matt Episode 4: The Future

Nap time was over. Matt got Brandon out of bed and the child immediately began running through the upstairs looking for me. I could hear the excitement in his voice as he called for me. I could hear the urgency in his footsteps as he sought me out.

I was downstairs. (No, not hiding.)

Matt steered Brandon in the right direction and when he turned the corner in the kitchen, he ran to me with a huge smile and arms outstretched. It was one of those sweet moments that make your day.

After snack, we went downstairs to watch “green” - also known as Mommy or Daddy playing Super Mario Galaxy 2

Brandon, clearly still groggy from his nap, crawled up into my lap and curled up into a sweet snuggle. (Yeah, TWO of these moments within 30 minutes of each other.)

Such sweet boys, aren’t they? I’m betting Brandon takes after his father. He has the same mischievous look.Matt came over behind him and gently draped a blanket over Brandon as he snuggled in even closer, and said with an earnest look on his face, “Take good care of him. He’s the future.”

I just looked at him and snorted.

Then Matt spoke again, “And I’m the past.”

“Yeah, the distant past,” I replied. (There may have been another snort.)

At that point, Matt’s earnest face broke into a grin, “Yeah, well you’re not that far behind.”