Toddler Talk: The things I don't want to forget

I used to have a pretty good memory. I could tell you my schedule for weeks in advance, recite everything I had going on and know when I was free or not free. Now I have trouble remembering what I have to do 5 minutes from now. I really can’t say it’s mommy brain, because my memory was getting bad before I ever had a child. 

I’m also not very good at documenting things. I tried scrapbooking years ago and I enjoyed it here and there, spending hours and hours making things just so. But because I’m not really that good at it, I lost interest. Finding the time to do it these days would be far too challenging anyway.

Thankfully, I have my blog to document things in a way that I love. And now is the perfect time to document some of Brandon’s journey. He’s starting to be more verbal, saying longer sentences and trying out new words on a regular basis. I don’t bother counting the words he has at this point (actually I never did that at all). He is at the point in his development where he mimics Matt and I on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s one word we say that he likes. Others it’s a whole sentence he tries out. Either way, I love hearing my little guy talk, especially since he has such delightful ways of expressing himself.

Cold blueberries - and raspberries!

Brandon says…
He really means…
play green
play Super Mario Galaxy 2
want song
put on Coldplay’s Viva La Vida (he’s been bred with good taste) ;) 
out (and vice versa)
down (and vice versa)
no okay
yes no problem
cold blueberries
frozen blueberries 


Some of the words and phrases are clearly things that we’ve said and he’s picked up on. “No okay” or “nokay” comes from us saying “No? Okay.” He now thinks that is how you say no.

The worst two words in the English language

“Hold on”. They seem so innocuous, don’t they? For Brandon, those two little words mean that he’s not going to get what he wants RIGHT NOW. Those two little words incite screaming and tears and angst the likes of which you’ve never seen. And for some reason, Matt and I keep forgetting! So, we say them. And, as the words flow across my tongue flying out into the peaceful air, I know I’ve made a grave error. Because those two little words are all it takes for veloci-Brandon to come out of hiding. Fortunately, calm can usually be restored if you give veloci-Brandon what he wants (almost) RIGHT NOW.

What are the things you want to remember about your child’s current stage?