Spring Cleaning & Projects, 2011 Edition

Last week, Matt and I were off to do Spring Cleaning! 

Yeah, we took an entire week off just to clean. We started this little tradition in 2009 just before Matt went back to work after being off for three months with Brandon. He started daycare the week we were off and we purged, scrubbed and scoured our home into blissful - though sadly temporary - spotlessness.

This is the week that we move the heavy furniture and find all those missing toys. It’s also the week we start talking about making big changes.

This year, the change we started discussing is the dining room. Currently, our dining room has a beautiful table with 6 chairs and a curio that call it home. But last week I found the words, “What do you think about selling the dining room set?”, falling out of my mouth. Yes, I want to sell this dining room set that we drooled over for two years before we could finally buy it once we were finally in our new home. The set that we wheeled and dealed for weeks to get down to the price that we wanted it for. 

The set that we use once a year on Thanksgiving.

THAT, my friends, is why I want to sell it. It’s completely wasted on us! We aren’t dinner party people. We are go home, grab whatever’s in the fridge - cereal? okay - sit down at the breakfast table to eat people. Our breakfast table is well-used. We pay it visits two times a day. And on the weekends, it gets a third visit. So, that’s the big plan we’re considering. I even took pictures of our lovely clean table to post to Kijiji when we are finally 100% sure. We’re still only sitting at about 90-95%.

Spring cleaning with Matt is fun. We fight constantly about anything and everything. Most of the time it’s not even a little bit serious or real. When we’re tired, there’s a possibility that we end up crossing the line into serious territory. We were exhausted by the end of last week and, honestly, I’m still recovering. Cleaning and genuinely purging your entire house in a week is actually quite a lot of work.

Our biggest job was our home office. We had boxes in that office that were never unpacked when we moved into this house almost 4 years ago. So, that was the top priority for the week. Finishing the office took almost 2 days. There’s still a fair bit of sorting, organizing and purging left to do, but we did the essentials that we knew we could finish.

This year, instead of just one big change project, we’re actually contemplating three. The first is the dining room, which I mentioned. I’m also thinking of donating my hardcopy books (most of them) to the Ottawa Public Library. I haven’t read most of them since I started reading e-books, so I’m beginning to think about letting them go. Especially ones I’ve grown out of. What do you think? Would you give up your hardcopy books? I rarely buy them now that I have a Kobo.

The third project has to do with the first. Once we sell that dining room furniture, we’ll have a big, empty cavern that’s going to need something to go in it. So, I’m thinking about relocating our newly purged office to the dining room and putting Brandon’s play area (currently in the living room) in there as well. It’d be really different, but I love the idea of being able to see Brandon while I cook and he plays. The setup now doesn’t allow that.

Decisions, decisions.

The funniest thing of all? Now that my house is so clean, I totally want to invite people over!! :) So much for not being dinner party people!