Dear husband of mine, Happy Birthday to you

No one comes up with better ways to entertain our son. He’s a top-notch dad.Today you turned another year older.

I tease you about getting old all the time, but to me you’ll never grow old. 

You are fun and funny, always making me laugh.

You are kind and caring, always thinking about other people.

You are smart and sweet, always knowing just what to say.

I am truly blessed to have met you and get to share my life with you.

I am truly thankful that our child gets to grow up in your example.

I am truly gifted to have a husband like you.

You give us the gift of yourself everyday. On this day I hope you’ve felt special and loved.

Happy Birthday to you, Matt!


Matt’s birthday was actually yesterday, March 7th. These are just my thoughts about him on this special day.