I love my life.

The end of the day always feels rushed and this particular Thursday was no exception.

A rush to get out of the office. A rush to catch the bus. A rush to get to the park ‘n’ ride. A rush to go see my boys. My family. Matt and Brandon.

I got into the car and let out a sigh, not yet knowing the mood of the other occupants. It soon becomes clear that all is well.

Brandon is being entertained listening to the music playing over the speakers. The same song is playing on his iPod. I’m always amused by this.

Matt and I are free to chat about our day. He teases me and I tease him back, pretending to be upset.

Then it hit me. Clear and vivid.

I reach over and take Matt’s hand in my own. He flinches his surprise, but I say simply, “I love my life.”