Vote Matt for Mantracker!

Everyone has hobbies. You might not think of your hobby as a hobby, but if it’s something you devote a lot of time and energy to and love to do, I’d say it’s a hobby.

Matt with Mantracker, Terry Grant.My husband has a few hobbies. He goes through periods where he does one more than the others and then it rotates, but one hobby has remained consistent for the last five years. His devotion to and fandom of Mantracker.

I tease Matt incessantly about his obsession with this show. And make no mistake, he is obsessed. In a totally teasable kinda way. You won’t find anyone who knows more about the show. He has a YouTube channel and a twitter account devoted entirely to his fandom. He’s gone to see Terry Grant - Mantracker himself - speak at Algonquin College twice. And, when the Season 5 premiere party invitation came, Matt practically begged me to let him make the trip down to Toronto to attend.

Who knows why something strikes a chord for one person and not another? Personally, I’m not a fan of Mantracker but I am a huge fan of Matt. Which is why - even amidst the recent controversy (<— some people have too much time on their hands) - I am supporting his 5th application to be on the show. Yes, I said 5th. It’s not a type-o and you didn’t read it wrong. He’s applied FIVE times. And I have to say this is his best application video - by far.

Now that you’ve seen it, don’t you think they really ought to let him on finally?