It's just a game.

Image from yfrog/Lisa Johnson via Mashable.Last night, the Vancouver Canucks once again failed to snag Stanley - the overly-coveted hockey trophy.

And all hell broke loose.

Over a game.

A game where a bunch of guys with sticks hit a puck and hope it somehow lands in the net.

Having grown up in Florida in an area where we live and breathe football and bleed garnet and gold, I sometimes have a hard time identifying how there is such a thing as “hockey skills” other than the ability to skate fast, be agile and find lucky shots to fly between the bodies of allies and competitors.

Yeah, yeah, the hockey fans of the world are likely shouting “Blasphemy!” at their screens right now (if they read my blog - and if they do, they probably won’t after this), but if you know and love the sport, you’re far beyond me. I know next to nothing about the rules of hockey. And I’m not married to a die-hard fan, so I have no real incentive or desire to seek out enough information to gain an understanding of the game.

What I will never understand is this tendency for pro-sports fans to riot - and I recognize that this isn’t unique to hockey. Are we a civilized society or not? After last night’s game, I’m embarrassed to say that perhaps we’re not as civilized as we’d like to think.

In a world that experiences earthquakes, tornadoes and political unrest, it’s disgusting to me that a group of people would sink to the depths of violence that Vancouver experienced last night.

Doesn’t the world have bigger things to worry about than rabid fans looking for a fight? Shame on them for taking something that should be fun and enjoyable and turning it into something ugly and repulsive.

Get some perspective - it was just a game.