I lost count of the rabbit trails I took in this one about this morning

This morning, I woke up to Matt bringing me a breakfast burrito and coffee.

Yeah. Just let that soak in. He's awesome, isn't he?

Now I'll tell you that it isn't an isolated event. He does it pretty frequently, though not every day. I don't expect him to do it ever, though I do occasionally ask if he'll make me a coffee when I'm running short on time.

As I was eating, I heard the pitter patter of little feet making their way in my direction. When my bedroom door is open I can see into the laundry room. (Assuming that door is also open, which we have to avoid because Theta has decided that it's fun to play behind the washer/dryer but he hasn't figured out how to get himself out and that leads to major cat freak outs, usually right before bed or important events so it's best to shut the door, but I keep forgetting and yes, it's open right now, so I'm probably going to get home to a yowling cat and god knows what condition the back of my dryer will be in tonight. *taking a deep breath so I can continue*)

Where was I?

Oh yes, I was in bed watching Brandon go into the laundry room carrying a shirt and pants saying, "no dress." (Thank you, Max & Ruby. Your show is officially banned in my house. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry. Just don't ever make children's shows that reflect anything other than the utopia of children doing what they're supposed to do because kids like to IMITATE ART. Imagine that.)

This post could have a lot of asides in it. My apologies if it seems too stream of consciousness for you. I'm on the bus writing on my phone as my thoughts dump out. True story. I'd even take a picture but that's against the bus rules.

So, Brandon dumped his clothes into the washing machine which has recently become his laundry hamper. It doesn't matter if his clothes are already clean, apparently. If he's not interested in wearing them, they go into the washer.

I laughed because it was funny and I'd been reading Jenny The Bloggess Lawson's book while eating and I was in such a happy, laughing mood. Because it's the funniest book I've ever read. Of course, I don't read a lot of funny books, but if you follow Jenny, you know it's gut-splitting funny. I'm nursing a sore stomach after the HR chapter which I read on the bus on the way home yesterday. I laughed out loud. On the bus. A lot. It is not a keep-your-cool kinda book at all. If this is important to you, make sure you never read it in public.

See? Lots of asides.

After dumping the clothes he didn't want to wear, Brandon came in my room at which point I stopped laughing because he was clearly distraught.

I picked him up and snuggled with him for a while. He was so quiet. Not wanting to talk or tell me what was wrong. It's okay. I get like that too.

Matt saved the day by walking into our room for the second time that day with breakfast in bed for Brandon this time.

I think Brandon's biggest issue was hunger because he dug right in. (We've been giving him probiotics for a few days to help his stomach recover from all the battering its had since December. Three stomach flus and a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. This morning was the first indication that they're working. Mostly, he just wants to eat nothing or cookies. Of course, that could be due to his age.)

I extracted myself from him to go shower once he seemed okay. I figured he just needed food and the day would turn around.

I was wrong. It happens occasionally.

Matt started sniffling, which actually makes me a little crazier every time I hear it. So, I've enlisted Brandon to help nag him.

Me: Brandon, tell daddy to blow his nose.


Matt: Brandon, tell mommy to hush.

Brandon: Mommy, hush.

That made me laugh. He so gets us.

Matt went to get Brandon more food because he asked for it. Brandon asked me to lay with him, so of course, I laid on top of him (not with all my weight - I'm not that crazy), until he clarified that he wanted me to lay on the pillow. So I told him he had to give me kisses and started making smoochy sounds, and he covered his mouth with a big grin and let me kiss his hand-covered mouth.

That made me laugh too. This kid was in a good mood. All was right in the world. Yesterday went so smoothly and we were going to carry that on today too. Woot!

I was wrong. (It's happening more frequently, I'm beginning to realize.)

Here's where I can wrap up the story pretty quickly. It was a fight to get him dressed. A fight to get him to the car. A fight to get him in to daycare. A fight to keep him from throwing his shoes. A fight to be able to leave. There was lots of screaming and yelling and crying, unfortunately all of it coming from the tiny person in our lives.

We tried to stay calm, understanding and give him time to adjust to going but there comes a point when you just have to get to work and no amount of reasoning will work anyway, unless you're willing and able to take the day off to stay home, which has its very big downside of putting the fight off until tomorrow. Potentially. You see, there are no guarantees that tomorrow will go better, even if the weather is better (and the forecast currently says it's going to be worse). I would like to blame the fog and lack of sun, but who knows? He possibly just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, as the saying goes.

Maybe tonight will be better. At least he'll be home, which is where he wants to be.