I still can't believe this happened, but it did

The following is 100% true. I am pretty sure I couldn't make it up if I tried.

This set is fun. Just don't breathe on or touch it.

This set is fun. Just don't breathe on or touch it.

Roughly every two weeks on Sunday, we take Brandon to see his occupational therapist. He adores going to see her. He always chooses a toy to take to show her once he's done playing her games. Unfortunately, this particular Sunday his choice was a Lego set that is really not travel friendly. Essentially, it falls apart if you breathe on it. 

(What is UP with that, anyway? As my friend reminded me when I relayed the story to her, we all grew up with teeth marks on our Lego because they were so tight fitting. But our beautiful creations never fell apart - heck, we were lucky if we could get them to come apart on purpose.)

Brandon was still trying to get over the excitement of Valentine's Day and a late night Friday had him pretty tired, so us saying no to the delicate Lego set didn't go over well. I thought we were going to have to cancel OT, but Brandon wanted to go badly enough that he calmed down and chose a different, slightly less fragile toy. 

But the way things went turned Matt into a ball of stress. (Thank goodness we don't both turn into balls of stress at the same time. If we did, we'd really be in trouble!) We needed to get out the door a bit earlier than usual because Matt had promised we'd pick up Brandon his favourite bagel on the way.

So, of course, we got out the door right on time.

And, naturally, something funky happened with Brandon's car seat that made it next to impossible to loosen or tighten. We never did figure out what on earth happened.

Being the weaker of the two of us, I delegated that to the big ball of stress (a.k.a. Matt), which didn't reduce his stress, though he got the job done. 

Whew...finally on the road and I might have been making an effort to make up some time. Which is about when we heard a huge thump and Matt had what appeared to be a mini-stroke beside me and may have uttered a few expletives as a pale green tinge took over his face. Turns out he just realized that in his growing ball of stress state, he'd left Brandon's iPad on top of the car. 

I turned to go get the bagel, stopping long enough to let Matt out of the car to run back down the major four/sometimes six lane road to find Brandon's iPad. I was hoping with everything in me that his iPad had somehow survived the flight off the car. I was also hoping that Matt would be ultra careful in his panicked state so that he didn't end up getting hit by a car.

It didn't take long for Matt to come rushing back, letting me know that the phone/iPad-finding app indicated the iPad was up the road a fair bit further than he thought. So, we headed back the way we came. We didn't get far before Matt barked out an order for me to turn right immediately. I did. Apparently, the location of the iPad had just updated (there is definitely lag sometimes) and it was indeed where we thought it was.

In the process of turning around, we went through a private company's driveway which is littered with huge speedbumps that I immediately wished I could cut off the asphalt to save myself time. About the 2nd or 3rd bump (there must have been somewhere between 8-12; it felt like 100), we heard our second thump of the day - this one was much quieter.

Simultaneously, I said, "What on earth is going on!?" and Matt turned around where he saw Brandon's iPad sitting on the rear window of the car. 

It had been on top of the car the WHOLE time.

I know why Matt didn't see it. It was a stressful, panic-filled morning. He was sure that first thump, while probably not the iPad had knocked it off the car at the very least. Thankfully, the iPad was completely unharmed by it's little adventure. Matt's relief over finding the iPad in one piece actually seemed to alleviate his own stress that had been building all morning.

Now, you might think that was the end of this little tale. But you'd be wrong.

The thing is, OT is roughly 25-30 minutes from our house. We got out the door about 35 minutes prior to our appointment, the car seat took up over 5 minutes. Then, the iPad incident/bagel run took up about 15 minutes. We were only 5 minutes away from our house when we finally got on our way. We were off the main drag at this point as well, which was going to add some time to our trip.

When I got to a stoplight where I had to decide which way I was going to go, I made a good decision, because as soon as I got through the light, Brandon said, "I have to go potty." And it was a semi-desperate request. Matt and I might have given in to hysterical laughter right then and there if we hadn't needed to find a good spot for Brandon to take care of business.

All I can say is, thank goodness for vacant buildings with huge snow piles. (Quote of the day: "I'm helping the sun melt the snow, Daddy!")

And we were on our way for the third time that morning in less than 30 minutes. This time, all of our stuff was inside the car where it needed to be, there wasn't any trouble with the car seat and traffic and stop lights worked in our favour so that we were only about 8 minutes late.

Brandon spends his therapy appointments alone with his therapist while Matt and I have gotten into the habit of going for a quick breakfast or coffee and a chat. We used to have an arrangement where only one of us went, but we're enjoying this little bit of time together, so I imagine we will keep doing it. This particular week, I spent half of our breakfast time laughing at the craziness of our morning. And Matt told me to bite my tongue when I asked him if the day could get any worse. ;)

But the day was actually a very good one in the end. And even the morning's mishaps all ended well. My heart rate might even settle down by next week!

I hope you all had a wonderful Family Day with your family yesterday if you live where we have FD. Ours was infinitely more relaxing than the day before Family Day. ;)