My kid is showing a scary quick wit

I married a very funny man. Sense of humour was one of my top priorities in a life mate. So, as I've seen Brandon's sense of humour develop, I'm excited to see him so open to being teased. And the boy gives as good as he gets. Now, I'm about to go on a little rabbit trail, but bear with's relevant. Also, be warned - there is a heavy amount of social media lingo in this post. Well, mostly hashtags which are a mystery to many unless you actually use them.

Last fall, Lara (my business partner) and I traveled down to Milton, Ontario for the MomBiz Retreat (if you're a mom with a business, Lara Galloway - not my partner, Lara - and Shelagh Cummins are just lovely and awesome and wickedly similar to me and (my partner) ya, just go!) Our first night together, we sat around getting to know each other. We had a fantastically diverse group of funny, amazing women that weekend. And Lara G. introduced us all to this hilarious video of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake:

#Hashtag<insert whatever> became the inside joke of the weekend. (Yes, we might have all needed the time away. ;)

Fast forward about 6 months and Jimmy Fallon has done more and more social media bits, often around hashtags and this whole thing has become...well, a thing. Matt has recently started going around tapping his fingers together and peppering his conversations with hashtags - usually they're sarcastic. One that he pulls out with me quite often is "hashtag shocker." Apparently, I'm predictable.

So, this past weekend, we were chillin' in the basement, playing a little Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I was doing a particular level that Brandon knew was kind of difficult. Sitting beside me, he watched the screen, giving me a thumbs up every time I successfully got through a difficult maneuver.

Until I fell off or got hit by too many baddies. I don't even remember. All I remember was him catching my attention, looking me in the eye as he slowly rotated that thumb from the up position to down. (I kid you not - he emphasized my failure in slow motion.) And if that wasn't enough to make me keel over, he paired it with, "hashtag shocker." 

He has the face of a child who enjoys a good laugh, doesn't he?

He has the face of a child who enjoys a good laugh, doesn't he?

I thought I was going to bust my gut laughing. Matt was sitting there wondering where he got it. (I guess he forgot that he has been saying this stuff pretty regularly of late. Meh...he's getting older.)

Brandon was pretty pleased with himself. Nothing makes him happier than scoring a genuine laugh from someone. As proud as I am, I know I'm going to have to work pretty hard to keep up with that boy. He's not even 6 and he's throwing out zingers left, right and center.