Finding the silver lining

This week has been a mixed bag. I'm looking forward to great things happening in my business this year. Matt is pursuing his interests in RC (remote control) in various ways this year. It's nice for him to be free to spend more time on hobbies he enjoys. Brandon is doing really well. He's got his own allowance now and he's paying for his own toys and he's okay with waiting and saving up to get things he wants. So far. Things have been so good this year so far, but then yesterday happened.

Matt was heading home when our SUV started acting up. It was trying to stall out at every stop light. Getting stuck in the middle of an intersection in rush hour is a chilling prospect, but he managed to get the car to the nearest place he could get it looked at. They diagnosed that it needed new spark plugs and something or other was wrong in the ignition. They did the work and sent him on his way. Except that the problem wasn't fixed. He went back and the car got to stay at its new temporary home. As soon as it's in good working order, we're selling it. It's been too frustrating to spend the amount of money we've been spending to keep it in good repair. We lived with one car before, so now we'll be down to one car again. We can totally live with that for a little while. 

It was a stressful evening. Matt was stuck getting the car fixed. I was home alone with Brandon juggling dinner, baking a cake to appease Brandon because he didn't understand how his school's cake raffle worked, keeping in touch with Matt about what was happening, and generally trying not to sink into a poor me pity party. Fortunately, today I can see a lot of really good things.

We made a decision about the car that was hard in a way, but takes so much stress off. Being down to one car again isn't ideal, especially since it's my tiny little Fiesta Matt will have to shoehorn himself into every day. 

I love my new little car. :)

I love my new little car. :)

Unrelated to the car, Matt and I were dropping Brandon off together this morning. I always read him a book in the kinder room and then take him to the school age room to be with the rest of the kids for the first part of the morning. Once I've signed him in, I give him two hugs and kisses, then he gives me two hugs and kisses and often he asks for one more from me. He always tells me he loves me and I tell him I love him back. And I have to say goodbye to him or he won't let me leave. He will remind me to "pick him up short" (early) most days as well. 

As Matt and I were leaving after Brandon repeated hugs and kisses with his daddy, one of the teachers walked by and said, "I know you're not supposed to have favourites, but...." We laughed. She isn't the first to say that to us about Brandon and I'm so touched by the love he gets from so many of his teachers. She then proceeded to talk about how sweet he is and how much she enjoys his teaching her about Star Wars. (He's determined that everyone in his world will know and love Star Wars.)

So ya. Yesterday ended in a spectacularly frustrating way, but today is looking brighter and sunnier than ever.