The real scoop behind my recent life changes

Lara and I broke up. Split up. Parted ways. Took different paths. Ended our business relationship.

I suppose one could use any of these phrases to describe me leaving Wellman Wilson recently, but the one that is most accurate is that we ended our business relationship. I'm kind of amused by people who've asked what "really" happened. Maybe it would help to know what Lara had to say about it

Here's the thing: the real scoop? It's nothing all that interesting. At least, there's nothing overly dramatic about it. The truth is that I love Lara. She's been an amazing friend to me since that fateful day we started chatting on Twitter back in 2010. Sometimes you meet someone that you connect with and it's easy. You don't have to put a lot of effort into building the relationship. That's what it's always been like for me with Lara. 

Earlier today, I was thinking about this post and all the things I wanted to say about working with Lara, which was a great experience in many, many ways. In the weeks since I left Wellman Wilson, I have lost an enormous weight that I didn't even know was there. As much as I miss working with Lara - and, believe me, I miss her a lot - the flood of ideas and energy and love for the things I'm doing right now just confirm the absolute rightness of the decision I made.

The decision we made. Because I didn't do this alone.

You see, having a friend like Lara means that I have someone who senses when things aren't right. It means she wants what's best for me. Lara knew long before I did that I wasn't thriving as a business owner. She saw the toll it took on me before I was brave enough to acknowledge it to myself. She showed incredible patience, understanding, and caring for me. 

When I finally realized that running a business wasn't what I wanted, I planned to give it a few weeks to think about things and see how I felt after a short period of time. I didn't tell Lara where my head was at, but she knew it was time. It wasn't a new discussion for us, but we'd finally reached the point that we both knew that the right decision and the best decision was also going to be very hard.

I have an enormous amount of respect for Lara, and I know the feeling is mutual. We wouldn't have ever worked together if we didn't have at least that going for us.

Earlier today, a mutual friend of ours posted about her own struggles with being an entrepreneur. Lara saw it before me and made sure I knew about her post, because she knew I could relate. Marisa managed to articulate very effectively how I've been feeling. The move I've made to doing occasional freelance work while I continue on in my full-time job has been the best possible thing I could have done for myself.

As I said to Lara after I read Marisa's words, "I feel fortunate to have a friend who can see that in me and understands. I'll never regret making the attempt. I learned so much and really enjoyed so many things about it. Just because it wasn't the best thing for me doesn't mean it was bad."

Lara and I both have so much to look forward to. How exciting is that?