The chronicling of change

When I started blogging in 2009, I had no intention of making it a regular part of my life. I didn't have any interest in building an audience. I was okay if no one ever saw what I wrote. Actually, that would have been good since a lot of what I wrote in the early days was about me feeling out this new-to-me medium. I hadn't figured out that the little seed of a writer that had been germinating in me for years would be fertilized with every post I published. 

Many of my early posts were total garbage. If I didn't think it was disingenuous, I would just delete all the crap posts. There are a few later on that I'm not too proud of, more because I felt obligated to write to have something to share than because the result of my efforts was less than stellar. 

I'm relieved now that I have never identified as a mommy blogger. As much as I thought "Karen's Chronicles" was such a lame name, it was about my world and not about any particular role I claim. Blogging about motherhood now is difficult. Brandon is seven and deserves a certain amount of respect and privacy. I could write about him daily, because that's how often blog-worthy incidents happen. I find I no longer want to share stories about him, even from my own perspective. This is why I'm thankful I never made this space specifically about motherhood, parenting, or family. I don't have to feel like I can't write about other topics, or "re-brand" my blog, or shut it down. I get to change focus as I see fit.

My world has changed and the way I see it and talk about it has shifted as well. Matt and I are both pursuing work outside of our day jobs - he has his business, and I'm doing freelance work. Brandon is going into the second grade and his needs are changing as rapidly as his interests. So, as he becomes more independent, I find I'm turning to other interests of my own. 

Throughout this year, I've rekindled my joy in writing. I started writing a fiction book. My second attempt, in fact. (Putting it out there means I have to finish it, right?) I've been journaling. I've been writing more here, though still not as much as I will be moving forward. What I write here in the future will be different. I don't know exactly how and I doubt I'll have a singular focus for my writing here - not that I ever did. I can only say that there will be more and that makes me happy. I enjoy this space and what I have done with it over the years. 

With all the change that has occurred this year, I've been doing a lot of digital clean-up. The Facebook page I set up for this blog way back whenever is evolving to a place for me to share whatever I'm writing, wherever it's published. So, not just the personal stuff, since a lot of what I write is business-oriented. 

This is an exciting shift of focus for me, and I'm looking forward to exploring my renewed interest in writing. I hope you'll stick around and join me on the journey.