One thing I’m missing a lot has been taking pictures. I started a 365 back in September, but it was the first thing to go when I started feeling the pressure to get my next job settled.

Now it’s settled and I can resume my hobby. In fact, when it was a done deal, I immediately signed up for Anna Epp’s Rock Your Camera class that I attended last Saturday. And I finally learned how to use manual settings and what they mean.

I also now know what I want for Christmas. :)

So, one more pause button is being turned off. I’m starting back up my 365 this weekend with Day 37 where I left off. It’s been a long-time desire of mine to learn about photography, so resuming this project is something I’m looking forward to with great anticipation. Even more so after Anna’s class and learning the secrets of the “nifty fifty”.

365 Photo Challenge: Week 1

The first week was a mish mash, which included one picture taken with my iPhone because I didn’t have my DSLR with me. I’m still not completely used to making a conscious effort to look for photo opportunities and some of these photos are lame, and I knew this when I took them. I’m just going to try to get better every week. 

There were several cloudy days in a row with some amazing formations I was dying to shoot, but missed because I didn’t have my camera. These weren’t the best, but they were still pretty cool looking. I like that ominous gray cloud right next to a patch of clear blue sky.

Brandon signing “soap” while watching Baby Signing Time.

This is my favorite picture of the week. It was a gorgeous day and this was also my very first shot of the day. Day 3 was good.

I have mixed feelings about this shot. I like the focus on the tower and Brandon blurred in the background, but it’s also kind of strange. Motion is something I have to work on for sure.

My least favorite of the week. It was 11:00pm and I hadn’t had time to take a single picture the whole day. Boo.

I was glad to see this at Starbucks when I was there. (This is the iPhone shot. Probably wouldn’t have taken it with the DSLR anyway.)

My new exercise equipment that Brandon was thrilled to claim as his new toy. His face looks as if he’s stunned that they aren’t his. :)Matt’s been telling me forever that I should stop using the flash on the camera so much. So, I’m finally listening to him. (It doesn’t happen often; just ask him.) Some pictures definitely turn out better, but others are rough with or without the flash. 

I’m glad I finally got started and I’m hoping week 2 gets just a tad better.

365 days, 365 pictures - a challenge to learn

Picture this: Twenty (“gifted”) 11-year-olds. Twenty cameras - good 35mm cameras. Twenty rolls of black and white film. Twenty kids released into the wilds of the schoolyard to experiment with the cameras they each held.

That was about 22 years ago and that class was one of the most interesting classes I ever had a good fortune to take. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t carry much knowledge away with me. My family weren’t picture takers. We didn’t own a good camera - and many times didn’t have a camera at all. But that class sparked my interest. They even taught us how to develop our own film in there. 

Oh yes, I did leave off that part of the picture: Twenty 11-year-olds around photo processing chemicals and equipment. Fortunately, there weren’t any injuries - to kids or equipment.

Ever since that class, I’ve wanted a good camera. When my husband wanted to spend $800 on our first point and shoot 1.2 megapixel camera, I scrunched up my nose and asked if we could get a real camera - forget this digital stuff. Isn’t that what scanners are for?

In the end, I settled for the point and shoot, which we finally replaced last December with a DSLR (Canon Rebel XS) - no, not top of the line or even middle of the line. But it’s a good camera for me to learn on. Once I know how to use it perhaps I can make a case for a better camera if we ever need it. Besides, we’ve had this camera for about 9 months and I’ve done little more than use it just like a point and shoot.

Enter Maegan. A couple weeks ago, she hosted the Bigger Picture Blogs link up on her site where she challenged everyone interested to take a picture a day for 365 days. For me, it’s about learning more about my camera and finally fulfilling a desire I’ve had for over 20 years - to learn more about photography.

My obligatory camera shot. :)I’m never going to be a professional; I don’t even want that - it’s all about fun and learning for me. I don’t have time or the desire to take pictures for anything other than personal reasons. So, now you know what that 365 Days badge is on my sidebar. Here’s the album with my pictures, which I’ll try to update daily. I’ll also do a post once a week with all the pictures for the week since you can’t leave comments in the album. Tips, tricks and advice are welcome!

If you’re interested in joining in it’s not too late! Click on the 365 Days badge and add the link to your 365 photo album to Maegan’s list of participants.