kaBOOM on your Caboose!

My son, Brandon, is into a fun stage where he’s starting to pick up more words and likes to repeat activities over and over that amuse him. His favorite words this week are “bubbles” and “boo” and occasionally “brush”. He loves brushes – namely hairbrushes and toothbrushes. He uses the toothbrush on his hair and the hairbrush on his teeth (or he would if he could fit it in his mouth). At least he loves to brush his teeth, even if it has to be done with the toothbrush. He started saying “bubbles” a couple of weeks ago when I was reading him the book Boo Boo by Olivier Dunrea. As soon as I turned to the page with all the bubbles, he immediately said the word and pretty much hasn’t stopped since! It’s interesting what spurs the growth of his vocabulary. We hadn’t read that book in weeks before that particular day. “Boo” came when I was playing with him, hiding around a corner and jumping out and saying “Boo!” He just said it back one day. So cute!

Since Brandon has started to move around, I’ve tried very hard to help him learn to distinguish between minor injuries that he doesn’t need to get upset over and injuries that he can come to me to get comfort or help with. One of the ways I’ve done this is to make light of falls (when I know he’s okay) by saying “KaBOOM on your caboose!” I usually put in a little growl when I say the boom part and it always makes him laugh. (If he doesn’t laugh, I know he’s more injured than I thought - or tired.) Of course, he likes this little “game” so much that this morning he wanted to repeat it. Over and over. Many times. He went to our steps that lead from the dining room to the foyer – they aren’t carpeted – and at the bottom step, he slid off onto his bum so I’d say it. He did this about two dozen times.

At one point, he lightly hit his head on the wall and I said, “Don’t bonk your brain!” Apparently, this amused him as much as “KaBOOM on your caboose” because he started crouching down on the floor and bonking his head lightly on the floor so I’d say it again. He eventually started alternating between the two. This picture is just after he's kaboomed on his caboose and is just getting ready to bonk his brain. He’s such a clever little guy with a weird desire to bonk his head on the floor. I’m thinkin’ he must take after his daddy on that one.

Another favorite game of Brandon’s is to “hide” where Mommy and Daddy can’t see him. We pretend not to know where he is and call out for him, pretend to look for him in silly places, etc. Eventually he runs out and we’re so relieved he’s been found that we celebrate. We sometimes have a dozen of these celebrations within about 20 minutes. His two favorite places for this game are in his closet in his room – I think he loves throwing the door open as a grand entrance when he’s ready to be “found”. The other great spot is in our living room/breakfast room. These two rooms are divided by a three-way fireplace and he goes into the breakfast room behind the fireplace to “hide”. What amazes me most about this little game is that a) I have no clue where he picked it up, and b) he has more patience for waiting around to surprise us than I would attribute to any child his age. Mark my words, he’s going to be unfindable when he plays hide and seek when he’s older.


Since today is Halloween, I have to share a picture of his costume – and also post pictures of our pumpkins – yes, we did two. Halloween is not a “holiday” that I care about in the least, but I think carving pumpkins is great fun. Since we moved into our house, we’ve started a little tradition of doing “different” pumpkins than the usual eyes, mouth and nose. The first year, we did a sick pumpkin, using the guts of the pumpkin as the “sick” part. We actually sprinkled Rockets into the guts and told a couple of our adult neighbors that the pumpkin was sick from eating too much candy. We thought it was hilarious. Most of our neighbors were amused by it. Some not so much – that’s okay, though.

Last year, we had a fantastic pumpkin – I thought was quite a bit better than our first one. It was a cannibal pumpkin. A big, pretty scary looking pumpkin with sharp teeth was eating this really cute little pumpkin with a scared look on its face. Sadly, I don’t really know what the neighbors would have thought about that one, because I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room and we spent all of Halloween night at the hospital. That was a MAJOR bummer.

This year, for our main pumpkin, we’re doing “Boo” from Mario Galaxy. (Kind of appropriate, given that’s one of Brandon’s latest words. That isn’t why we picked it, though. It’s also just appropriate for Halloween.) The second pumpkin is a miniature Death Star from Star Wars. Next year, Matt wants to do more of a full-size one like this, so he’s testing it out this year on a very small pumpkin. I have to say that Matt did all the work on the pumpkins and he did a great job. I will also admit that we do not come up with any of these ideas on our own – we’re just not that creative. But Google helps us find other people who are creative and we just try to do justice to their ideas.

Last, but definitely not least, I must mention my little sock monkey. Yep, Brandon is a sock monkey for Halloween this year. I would never have thought of that for a costume, but when I saw it, I knew I’d found the right one. Whether it was going to fit I didn’t know, but I knew it was the right costume! And he is the cutest sock monkey in the neighborhood! His costume looks just like the one my brothers and I had when we were growing up. I still can't believe he wore the hat long enough to take this picture at his daycare party. He wouldn't even let us put it on him today. The best parts of this costume were the removable tail and the eyes on the hat that moved...so cute! Now that Halloween is over, I can get on with planning for a holiday I actually care about - Christmas!

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