Thursdays are the best day of the week

Every Wednesday, I have to remind myself that the following day, Thursday, Brandon will be home with me. It's the day of the week that I look forward to the most, (other than the weekend since I get to spend that with Matt, too) though it's hard to remember since it's in the middle of the week instead of the beginning or end! Thursdays, we usually run errands like getting any necessities from Walmart or the grocery store first thing in the morning and then go home for playtime.

Today has been a momentous Thursday in Brandon's life, because he didn't have a nap in the morning. I have suspected for a couple of months that he was approaching the point when he would no longer need two naps a day and I think we've just about officially arrived. Last Saturday was the first time he went without two naps and he's done it once or twice since. So, when he didn't fall asleep by a certain time after I put him down, I got him back up again and we went out to run more errands. Brandon's pretty fun to take out; he's good-natured, a total charmer and even when he's running all over stores, the workers never seem to mind (thank goodness)!

Our first stop today was Globo to exchange some shoes. Globo is actually one of my favorite spots to take Brandon during the week because there's rarely very many people in the store and it's a huge open floorspace that he can run around without breaking anything, making a mess or hurting himself. He'll run up an aisle, find a spot where the bottom shelf is empty and plop himself down for a rest before he gets up and repeats his game. He doesn't have too much interest in touching things or tearing the shoes off the shelves, which is why I suspect the staff doesn't mind him running all over their store. (Last week, I took him to Chapters and, because he's a slightly mad about books, he tried to take all of the books in the children's section off the shelves. I had a heck of a time going behind him putting things away and trying to keep him from pulling more off at the same time. I'm sure it was pretty entertaining to watch.)

We got a call from Matt after we were done at Globo asking us to meet him for lunch at Tim Hortons. Brandon and I arrived first and were waiting outside for Matt. As we stood there, I was telling Brandon that we were waiting for Daddy to get there. I try to talk to him about whatever happens to be going on all the time, because his understanding of things around him is getting better all the time. After a couple of minutes, Brandon decided to wander around a little bit and went to the front door, one of which opens automatically if you pull on the handle, which makes it quite easy for my little toddler to "open" the door. It happened that a woman was coming out and he held the door open for her. She was quite impressed and I was quite proud of my little gentleman. As she was coming out, another gentleman was going in and Brandon decided to follow him. Apparently, he thought this man was his daddy, because he ran up to him and started hugging on his leg, never realizing that he was not, in fact, his daddy. (It's nice that Brandon's friendly to strangers, but I really look forward to him toning it down.)

I kept mentioning that we were waiting for Daddy to show up and was also wondering where Matt was, though it really hadn't been that long. Just as I saw Matt's truck pull up, Brandon took off again, heading across the restaurant. I thought he'd spotted a chair he wanted to sit in, but unfortunately, he'd spotted another possible "daddy". This time, the man was sitting down in a meeting with someone; he was also East Indian and most definitely, clearly not even close to being Matt. Both of the men that Brandon latched onto momentarily were very friendly and understanding. How embarrassing, though! Matt was pretty amused by the whole incident; he actually saw Brandon dart across the store the second time, though he was too far away to see what happened.

After one more stop at Toys 'R' Us, we headed home. It was clear to me by then that Brandon was winding down and needed his nap. Of course, the minute we walked in the front door, he perked up and wanted to play, read and have a little more lunch. He didn't get down for his nap until nearly 1:30 - quite a feat for a little guy who's used to taking a nap at 9:30 every day.

This particular Thursday isn't over yet, but I am enjoying my afternoon break as Brandon recharges. Thursdays confirm for me that if I didn't need to work, I wouldn't. I would love to stay home and be a full-time mom to Brandon. The days when he is at daycare, though, I'm thankful that he has a place to go where he's loved and treated so well. His "mom-away-from-mom" is a god-send and makes leaving him to go to work (or rather look for a job, as is the case these days) so much easier.

After spending all day with Brandon each Thursday, I get to top off the day with Book Club. What could be more perfect than that? Thursdays are awesome!

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