Health Update: Holy crap - down 3lbs already!? Karen, meet Miracle.

I’m going to include regular (though not daily) updates on my progress as I work on improving my health through weight loss. I’m calling it a “Health Update” because that’s what this is about - being healthy, which I am currently not.

I just weighed myself and I’m down 2.9lbs. So, I’m down to 226.5 as of today. That’s incredibly encouraging given the way my dieting as gone so far. Without a doubt, it’s water weight, because the foods I’m eating are specifically designed to flush out all the bloat. There is no way I could maintain this diet for longer than the few days I’m doing it. It’s about 1,200 calories, which is too few calories for a long-term healthy eating plan.

So, I’m doing this 4-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart meal plan. I should be on my last day, but because I tried to start on Tuesday (the day of my first interview) and I had a ton of errands/prep to do, I gave up and decided to postpone until Wednesday which went really well. Yesterday (Thursday) would have gone smoothly as well, except that I forgot I was planning to meet a friend for lunch while I was downtown. The Jumpstart meal plan is really strict and allows no deviation. You can’t eat out and I did. So, Day 2 got kiboshed as well. Technically, I suppose that I should start all over with day one again, but having checked the scale, I think I’m just going to finish off day two, three and four and get this show on the road!

As it happens, I’m perfectly situated to spend the weekend getting food prepped for the week so that I am prepared - a key factor of success for me. When I’m not prepared for the week, it’s way too easy to pick up fast food or something easy at home when I get into a time crunch. By prepping food on the weekend, I try to forestall that particular problem.

My other real weakness is Tim Hortons. Frankly, if they closed every one of them for the next 6 months, I think we’d have a healthier nation of Canadians period. The coffee and donuts or bagels or muffins are just far too tempting. But I’ve managed to resist for almost a week…except for yesterday afternoon when I just HAD to have a coffee after my lunch date.

Book Club night will be a challenge as well. I can only hope that the Starbucks we go to starts to run out of molasses cookies on Thursday afternoons so I’m not tempted. But the plan is to order a nice cup of herbal tea - for a treat, I could maybe add a little honey to it.

The bottom line for me is that when I feel the pull of Tim Hortons or the Starbucks molasses cookies, I just ask myself if the long-term pain from that short-term pleasure is worth it. It doesn’t mean that I have to forego treats for the rest of my life, but adopting the healthier practice of indulging in them *occasionally* instead of regularly is the goal.

Two posts today - and both kinda long. Hopefully you aren’t bored to tears right now!

I should also mention that the meal plan I’m following is working it’s charms on the gallbladder issues I was having last weekend. I have been pain free since Tuesday. That’s a huge relief; I was really worried that I might have to break down and schedule a consult with a surgeon…ewww.