He did NOT learn that from me!

This morning, Matt, Brandon and I got in the car and pulled out of the driveway. I was focused on chugging coffee, so I wasn’t paying much attention to what was playing on the stereo. Brandon, however, always pays attention. He’s a music and movie junkie - we could very well be raising a child who is channeling my younger brother’s interests in spite of the fact that the two have never even met.

I’ve done my best to introduce Brandon to good quality movies and music. Content that I can be proud for him to enjoy and know. I want him to have every opportunity to learn to appreciate the finer talented artists out there and eschew those that do not measure up.

Imagine my shock when Brandon requested that we start over the song and my consciousness slowly - I was still drinking my coffee, remember? - realized that it was a NICKELBACK song! How has this happened!? Who infected my precious little boy’s brain with that…that…<insert appropriate distasteful word here> band!?

I’ll tell you who. 

It was Matt.

He likes that…that…<you know the drill> band.


Now I have to reprogram him and counteract the damage that’s been done. I can’t let my son to listen to Nickelback and get the idea they’re good. Mom don’t let sons do that. Nor do friends let friends or any other applicable relationship of influence over musical tastes.

Excuse me while I go delete and purge all Nickelback from the server in this house and restore order to my world.