Saturday Status: Week 1 Weigh In and Review!

After the last couple of days, I’m happy to lighten things up and give a status update on my efforts to improve my health. When I started my journey to good health (all of 10 days ago), I decided to do it in a very public forum because I wanted extra accountability and motivation to succeed. So far, it’s really working. I’ve gotten so much support from my friends and family. I’ve also succeeded in meeting my first weight loss goal! The bad news today is that I am up 1.1lbs. and, until I get better about weighing at the same time everyday, I figure that kind of fluctuation is going to happen and I’m not gonna sweat it.

So, how have things gone? I started the actual diet on September 23rd and since then, I’ve lost 5lbs. (overall)! The 5lbs. includes these three. So, I’m actually down 2lbs. since last Friday. Hey, progress is progress. I’ve already surpassed my goal to lose 4lbs. by October 20th. A lot of that was water weight, but that’s okay. It’s good motivation to keep going.

I stuck to the Flat Belly Diet plan pretty strictly, though Thursday and Friday I have to say were not as great because I picked up a cold – darn cold season! I didn’t have much of an appetite. Thursday I didn’t even eat anything until after 1pm. So very bad.

I have to say that, so far, the food on this diet is super tasty and I enjoy eating it. In the past, I’ve done “Slow Carb”, Low GI or other reduced-sugar-focused plans and the food can sometimes disappoint. (Have you ever tried bread made without flour? Eww.) I can actually eat bananas on a diet for the first time ever and one of my favorite meals (so far) is the Peanut Butter Banana Toast.

The one challenge I’m having is that I feel perpetually hungry. I can tell it’s getting better, but my body clearly isn’t used to taking in so few calories. Now, when I say “so few”, I’m not talkin’ about starvation diet levels. I get over 1,600 a day. In fact, the diet plan requires that you get 400 calories per meal and that you have each meal at intervals no longer than 4 hours. It gets a little better each day and some meals seem to last longer than others. As I figure out more meals that have staying power, I’ll use those to get me through the day more often.

All in all, I feel like this is the first diet plan I’ve tried that I’m not feeling “deprived” on. It could be that getting to eat things like peanut butter and bananas has a little something to do with it! I’m also far more aware of how my body reacts when I have things that are detrimental. I know if I eat this or that, eventually - if not immediately - I’m going to feel crappy. Not guilty, just barfy.

NEW GOAL: Since I’ve met my first goal, I get to set a new one. I’ve decided to give myself a little more of a challenge this time. I want to lose 5lbs. by October 30th. (Funny story: When I entered it into Wii Fit, I mistakenly put in that I wanted to GAIN 5lbs. Now I get fussed at when I lose weight…ha!!)