I’ve had some strange looks over the last week whenever I tell someone that we were going to Touch-A-Truck this weekend. For some reason, there were a LOT of people asking me what I was doing this weekend. So, I had to explain what it is to each of them.

First of all, Mothercraft did a great job putting this really fabulous event together. I can only imagine the logistics that went into getting all of those vehicles and people together all at once. And the vehicle operators were great with the kids - even my shy guy.

School Bus! Brandon was most excited about seeing a school bus and the fire trucks.

Déjà vu - I was just doing this a couple of weeks ago at the Children’s Museum when Brandon had to share the driver’s seat there, too.

Matt was pretty excited they brought in a crane for the day. Brandon didn’t seem to care much for it.

Brandon waited none too patiently to finally get to sit in the fire truck. He seemed to enjoy these vintage models, but the big new ones intimidated him.

Military vehicles! We retreated to the far side of the parking lot hoping to find shorter lines and hit the jackpot!

Brandon was shorter than the wheel - not so unusual on a lot of these vehicles, but this was the one we got to document.

She tried to get him interested, but he was having no part of the inside of that truck. It was DARK in there!

Brandon has a minor fascination with motorcycles now, so the Harleys they had inside were irresistible.

Brandon wants to be able to hold the handlebars, so he made it happen. That amused the man who was in charge of the Harleys (thankfully).

Last but not least, we visited the apple with the worm. I think he thought it was a turtle, though.

We didn’t last long at Touch-A-Truck this year. The heat of the day and all the stimulation proved to be more than Brandon could handle for more than an hour. Considering his age (and how hot it was), I think he did really well. Who cares if I will never regain use of my shoulder again after carrying him everywhere. ;)

I’m already looking forward to this happening again next year so I can see how Brandon’s reactions to it will change. He didn’t seem bothered by the noise - and there was quite a bit of noise from all the horns and sirens. But lately we’ve noticed that he doesn’t like crowds too much. I hope it will be less intimidating for him next year!