I'll take my eggs without fungus, please?

Le sigh. Fungus is eww. (Source: stock.xchg)I walked into a little sandwich shop to order something for breakfast. They had some sort of breakfast quesadilla, which was healthy and looked good. The only downside was the mushrooms (a.k.a. fungus) that was sprinkled throughout the other ingredients.

I asked to have one without mushrooms because I don’t eat fungus.

The lady called out the order (really loudly to the cook standing 3 feet away) and the cook (very softly) said he couldn’t do it without mushrooms because they’re in the egg white mixture. She proceeded to yell to me - 2 feet away - that he couldn’t do it without mushrooms unless he left out the egg. I had actually heard that part.

I’ve run into this before. Much as I don’t like mushrooms, if there’s no other choice with a dish, I can still choke them down and it doesn’t bother me too much. So, I said I wanted everything on it.

She then said, “Are you sure?”


And this - right here - is where it got weird.

“Are you allergic?”

Let’s just think about this for a second. Who knowingly, consciously chooses to order something they’re allergic to? I certainly don’t know anyone. My friends with allergies stay far, far away from food that even has the potential of containing something they’re allergic to. To me, that just didn’t make any sense, but perhaps she was just covering all the bases.

No, I’m not allergic. I just prefer my food without fungus. But it didn’t matter in the end. It was good even with the fungus.