Dear Facebook, your Groups are broken. Fix them. Please.

I’m in a bit of a bad mood when it comes to Facebook, which isn’t like me. Facebook is the social network that I watch like a hawk because of its sketchy behavior, but I don’t tend to bad-mouth because I get to keep in touch with so many people who are so far removed from me. But today things changed. I became a victim of some SERIOUSLY POOR DESIGN on Facebook’s part.

To the tune of 660 emails.

Downloaded to my iPhone.

And my iPad. (I didn’t yet know how many there were.)

That stayed on my email provider’s server, because that’s just how I manage my email.

That means I downloaded 1320 emails and deleted 1980.

Wouldn’t you be in a bad mood too!?


It happens when Facebook adds a cool new feature that allows Page administrators change to a Group. Groups are great things when they’re used in the right manner. They can provide stellar engagement on a topic or project and I honestly believe they are good things. 

But the page that converted today and spammed me? NOT A GOOD USE OF GROUPS! Groups are good for people that are collaborating, sharing or providing support on particular subjects. They are not a great place to move a page that has hundreds of people who are just generally reminiscing. Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you.

Because Facebook did something pretty dumb with groups. They made email notifications opt-out. Meaning, when you get added to any group, by a friend or because a page you liked decided to convert, you automatically get an email sent to you about every single thing that’s posted to said group.

This is just bad form, in my humble opinion. Also, I had the audacity to not log in to Facebook for over 12 hours and ended up getting spammed because I didn’t even know to get my keester out of that group!

I had to say “please” because I’m teaching Brandon that it’s the polite way to ask for things. Seems a tad hypocritical if I don’t use it too.My advice to Facebook

  1. Allow users who are added to Groups consent to being in a group (or continue in a group when it comes to Pages converting).
  2. Don’t send the spammy emails to users who haven’t had a chance to consent to being added to a group.
  3. Better yet, make Facebook Group notification emails opt-in to avoid that whole spam issue in the first place. Trust me - people who want to get the emails will go looking for the setting. (Yeah, I know - who wants them? Not me, but you never know.) 

I’ll get over it and I still like Facebook - even Groups

Facebook does some dumb things when it comes to its user interface and privacy settings. We all know this. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using it because Facebook is a great tool (as are groups)! It just needs to stop being so tooly.

Just sayin.