Karen's Chronicles has a new look!

About 10 months ago, I started getting the itch to redesign my blog, but it was the wrong time of year to do what I wanted to do. So, I made a few changes that were satisfactory and waited patiently for the fall colours to arrive. 

Of course, the colours this year have not been quite as brilliant as they usually are due to the unseasonably warm temps, but who complains about that? Not me! Despite that, it was still a gorgeous fall and I jumped at the opportunity to have a family photo shoot with my friend and photographer, Sara McConnell one day in September out at Mer Bleue.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, so here are a few of the pictures Sara took (not including the ones you’ll see on the blog:

This truck that Sara brought as a prop ended up providing absolute delight for Brandon. He didn’t want to get out of it, even though it’s not particularly well suited for the terrain we were navigating.

But look at that face! He was so happy and enjoying himself.

Eventually he did get out of the truck when he realized Mommy had gone off alone with Sara to do pictures by herself. We can’t have that, can we!? 

No shots alone for mommy and daddy either. This one is better for his being in it, anyway, don’t you think?

The dinosaur just seems to fit right in with the truck. Thank goodness it’s one of Brandon’s toys that I brought with us. He was pretty heartbroken when we had to leave the truck behind. 

If you didn’t already see Sara’s write-up about our shoot, here it is…better late than never! Thanks to her I was finally able to do two things I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. 

So, what do you think? :) 

EEK...going public, for realsies!

I just started doing this a few weeks ago and I haven’t been super-regular about updating. But today I added the link to my blog onto Twitter…that means I’m officially launched. Hopefully, people will enjoy reading my random thoughts on life in general.

So, to the right are my family - Matt (the big guy), Brandon (the little guy) and Theta (the feline guy). We also have a cat, Sigma, who is not as adventurous. My boys enjoy doing things like getting in the tub fully dressed to distract me while I’m getting ready for work! :)

My name is Karen and I fear I'm becoming addicted to social media

I’m not at all a social person. My idea of a good time is going home from work, playing with my son until bedtime and then hanging out with Matt. But the Internet is a whole new ball game for people like me. I get to open up and come out of my comfy introverted shell. But it’s not all about me. No, no, no. I find it fascinating to see what others are doing too. The best part about that is getting tips about new stuff - sites, gadgets, tools…the usual.

Because I work in marketing and am in this realm all day, you’d think I’d get tired of it. I don’t see it happening yet. Admittedly, I’m not a Facebook fanatic (most of the time it strikes me as a popularity contest), but I like reading and writing, so blogs and micro-blogs are the most appealing mediums I participate in these days.

Speaking of the popularity contest that is Facebook, why do people even go on there or “add friends” if they aren’t going to interact? That’s my biggest problem with that particular world on the Web these days. It’s such a contradiction to be a member of a social community and not socialize with the community you build around you. I am being more and more selective about who I add to my own little world. I have absolutely no interest in accumulating friends to have a big number. I was never one of the “in-crowd” and if anyone who knows me ever described me as popular, I’d wonder who they were talking about.