Truth Day 02 - Something you love about yourself.

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky ( you find it very difficult to identify something you love about yourself? I do.

When I saw the Day 1 prompt, something you hate about yourself, I knew which of the two would be easier to write. At the same time, I wish I hadn’t had to start on such a negative note. 

It’s taken me a few days to figure out what I love about myself. Well, actually, it just took me that long to figure out an answer less superficial than my hair. You see, I do truly love my hair. It’s the one feature I have that I have no complaints about. I’ve done absolutely nothing to promote good hair - it was simply the luck of the draw in the genes department that I ended up with nice, easy-to-manage hair.

But hair doesn’t make for a particularly challenging subject to post about and I started this to challenge myself to open up a bit more in this space. 

So, what do I love about myself?

I came up with a fairly decent list, but it boils down to patience. Somehow, over the years, I’ve settled into a place of calm and I’ve developed a patience that even I don’t fully understand. I’ve used this patient streak of mine to diffuse potentially volatile situations. I’ve used it to understand different perspectives. I’ve used it to figure out complex formulas I need for Excel spreadsheets - and then the inevitable troubleshooting that follows.

If I evaluate my reactions to stressful situations, I’m proud to see that the older I get, the more my actions reflect the influence of my mother in my life. You couldn’t meet a more down-to-earth, sweeter woman. Ever since I realized that I saw her in that light, I’ve wanted to follow in her footsteps. Perhaps I’m succeeding to a certain degree.

Of course, I have my moments. No one has a limitless supply of patience (and Ottawa drivers test mine on a regular basis). To say that I love my patience feels a little like an ego trip, but it is the one character trait that I’ve worked hardest to cultivate and I feel a certain amount of pride in that.


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